How To Start Offering Goods And Services On-line

That submission is then voted on by artists already on the site. Once the submission is approved, the new member’s account is automatically upgraded to an artist account and you can upload work to your gallery for sale straight through the site. Design Cuts is a community website offering high quality assets to designers at affordable and discounted prices.

Provide a minimum of 3 in order to 5 Traffic reports addressing different aspects such while Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Visitors Sources, Map Overlay Information, etc. At this time, you will certainly be able to produce and gain confidence along with the Buyer.

Selling From Website

Patterns, brushes, backgrounds, fonts, graphics and other slick assets abound. “We’re very exclusive and work with only the best designers in the world, curating the highest quality marketplace around, ” it told us. To be featured on the site, Design Cuts says to get in touch via its Contact page. But , still if we do in a right way we have make money.

It costs £199 to join Not On The High Street, and sellers have to pay 25 per cent commission, plus VAT. However, the site pulls in over two million unique visitors per month, which doubles at Christmas, so for many it’s worth the investment. INPRNT is a moderated gallery with a submission process. First, sign up for an INPRNT account and submit three of your best pieces for review.

Hi Prashant, My Google Ads Recently got ban, so now im planning to sell my website and it deserve 4000$ according to diff worth calculating website, but i am not earning any single penny from it. Google is giving me traffic for 15 days then zero for about days and it starts all over again. If anyone can tell me this can be the cause, I will delete all posts from that service. This is a too general post, I would rather like to read about how to transfer website from seller to buyer and what safety measures to take while transferring the website and while receiving payment. Do reply to Comments and Private messages, the more you interact with interested buyers, the more price you will get. After your listing Goes live interested buyers will bid on your listing. You will be very excited at this time, but wait does not accept bids without researching about the user that has submitted this.

Our commissions are limited to 5% – and we all repeat to help an individual sell. You can unsubscribe at any time in addition to we’ll never share your details without your permission. MyFonts is one of our go-to sources of new and exciting fonts here at CreativeBloq, and you can be featured on it. Your type designs could reach a broader audience by being featured in one of the site’s bundles, as well as its collections filtered by descriptive keywords. Find out how to sell your typefaces through MyFonts here.