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Second, the ideal environment for cultivating the unknown is to nurture the supreme agility and nimbleness of networks. Third, the domestication of the unknown inevitably means abandoning the highly successful known – undoing the perfected. And last, in the thickening web of the Network Economy, the cycle of “find, nurture, destroy” happens faster and more intensely than ever before.

Through most of the industrial age, consumers experienced slight improvements in quality for slight increases in price. In the information age, consumers quickly came to count on drastically superior quality for less price over time.

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Another step would end up being to ask a company many of these as the National Schools of Sciences to look at what the likely technological innovation drivers will be with the year 2030 and just what steps government and market can take in the subsequent decade to accelerate their particular development. Which technologies may form the core in the next wave is not necessarily yet clear, but that seems likely that a single will be based about nanoscale advances, whether inside pharmaceuticals, materials, manufacturing, or perhaps energy.

All the major consequences of stand-alone computers have already taken place. Conservatives have maintained control of the economic narrative for centuries, and Twitter is an useful distraction. Sign up for the Issues in Science and Technology newsletter to get the latest policy insights delivered direct to your inbox. When you do, you’ll receive a special offer for nearly 50% off an one-year subscription to the magazine—or simply subscribe now at this special rate. Too little research and development has been done on solar radiation mitigation to understand the very considerable uncertainties in magnitude of its impacts, duration, and reversibility. Although Congress and the supervision have expanded research money for biological sciences in addition to established the National Nanotech Initiative, more needs to be able to be done. One very first step is to change the decline in analysis funding that the supervision projects for the subsequent three to four yrs.

The archetypical illustration of a success explosion in a Network Economy is the Internet itself. As any old-time nethead will be quick to lecture you, the Internet was a lonely (but thrilling! ) cultural backwater for two decades before it hit the media radar. A graph of the number of Internet hosts worldwide, starting in the 1960s, hardly creeps above the bottom line. Then, around 1991, the global tally of hosts suddenly mushrooms, exponentially arcing up to take over the world. The new rules governing this global restructuring revolve around several axes. First, wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization; that is, wealth is not really gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.

The price and quality curves diverge so dramatically that it sometimes seems as if the better something is, the cheaper it will cost. Lower tipping points, in turn, mean that the threshold of significance – the period before the tipping point during which a movement, growth, or innovation must be taken seriously – is also dramatically lower than it was during the industrial age.