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Gravity Defyer New Men Style Shoes
A month or so ago you may have read a post about comfortable Gravity Defyers shoes.  At that time I had ordered a pair for our upcoming cruise in November.

Well the shoes arrived a couple of days later and I have been gradually “breaking” them in for our Caribbean cruise.  The shoes actually needed little “breaking-in”.  However “like walking on a cloud” does not do justice to the shoes.

First let me back up a bit.  I have experienced the agonizing pain of plantar fasciitis – an inflammation in the heel that was excruciating.  Some nights I could have crawled from my truck to the house to avoid that pain.

Over the past month I have had minor pain flare-ups.  But when I put the Gravity Defyers on I don’t feel any pain at all.  Incredible!

I would be wearing the shoes all the time if I didn’t want to keep them looking good for our cruise.  I do have to confess though, when I first put the shoes on they took a little getting used to.

The spring loaded heels made me feel like I was 6″ taller.  The heel insert extends only about 1/4″.  But the sensation was unmistakeable.

The shoes were a true fit.  The size of shoe that I normally wear is the same size as the Gravity Defyers that I ordered.  They fit my feet perfectly.

Getting rid of all of the clichés, the shoes do not take away the weight on your feet but rather change the way your feet handles it.  This makes you feel like your weight has been reduced considerably from your shoulders to your feet.

I am looking forward to ordering my next pair of Gravity Defyer shoes.  Maybe dress shoes or casual shoes or the sport shoes.

The bottom line here is that you have to try them out for yourself.  Your feet deserve it!

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