Turners Beach, Antigua – Southern Caribbean Cruise

The third island we visited on our Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit was Antigua.  On the two previous days we visited resorts on Barbados and St. Lucia.  This day we would visit Turners Beach on the island of Antigua for a day of sun and fun in the water. 

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83 Antigua

Sailboat tours stop at Turners Beach

The water depth drops off very quickly making it a bit dangerous for young non-swimmers.  We would let the waves lift us up and drift us along.  Most often we would end up in deeper water in which we could not touch bottom.

There was a restaurant and bar right on the Turners Beach.  Vendors had a few huts on the beach as well.  The only downside was the appearance of a couple of peddlers who managed to become somewhat annoying.

There’s not much more to say.  We had a wonderful day on the beach on the beautiful island of Antigua.

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