About Us


Celebrity ReflectionA big welcome to all of our guests from my wife Carol and from me (Brian).  We experienced our first cruise vacation a number of years ago.  As we entered the beautiful cruise ship (the Carnival Legend) we were hooked.  We have been cruising ever since – once and sometimes twice a year.

Hailing from the small community of Sebringville, Ontario a warm winter vacation is always a blessing.  Being pampered as you are on a cruise vacation is a big bonus!

Carol and I are basically “beach bums” when it comes to vacations.  We have visited some of the most beautiful beaches on our Caribbean cruises.  Even our wonderful Mediterranean cruise saw us taking the odd “dip” in the Med and the Adriatic.

Brian Isla MargaritaWe also thoroughly enjoy our quiet “down” time before dinner to have a glass of fine wine on our private balcony.  (We started with a balcony stateroom and would never consider not having one.)

My background is in construction having been in the labour, supervision, design, estimating and management roles for many (too many) years.  Carol is a Senior Manager in a mortgage admin centre for a large national bank.  Our cruise vacations are a welcome break from the hustle, bustle and stress of every day life.

Enjoy our website and please take time to comment on our posts if you have something to share!

Best cruising!

Brian and Carol