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Fabulous spoiler cruises to the islands-of-Fire  -  Vanuatu!

For an absolutely incredible "spoiler" cruise vacation, consider the South Pacific Islands and especially "The Islands of Fire", Vanuatu. P&O Cruises sail these waters with a number of different itineraries including aboard the newly refitted ($35 million) "Pacific Sun". This fabulous cruise ship is the largest liner ever to be based in Australia. Larger than Titanic, the 1900 passenger "Pacific Sun" was slated for delivery to Australia from the U.S. in October of 2004 when it will begin romantic getaway cruising itineraries including Vanuatu in November of 2004.

Formerly known as New Hebrides, Vanuatu offers some of the best diving in the world and many cruise dive vacations are available. Cruises among the islands are available by private yachts, and small charters. There are even tall ship cruises available for the more adventurous vacationers re-living the romantic era of sea travel by experiencing the crew tasks aboard a 19th century square rigged brigantine ship! Now that's a romantic getaway!

Vanuatu, sometimes called the "timeless islands", is an untouched paradise in the South Pacific and makes cruising here a rare experience. The 83 tropical islands springing from volcanic beginnings are known for their romantic tropical landscapes for getaways. Some of the world's most accessible volcanoes are found here. You can actually hike right up to the very rim of Mt Yasur, the volcano on Tanna Island, and peer at the molten lava!

Port Vila is the more developed of the islands of Vanuatu. Being the international gateway to the islands, there are accommodations, restaurants, shopping and some off-shore resorts.

One island of Vanuatu is probably the best known world wide, but not necessarily by its name. Espiritu Santo was the inspiration for the magnificent classic "South Pacific" by James A. Michener. Visiting Santo is a fascinating experience. The history of the island - which was a base of operation for the Americans in the Second World War - is steeped in the landscape……….and the waters! The surrounding waters are a mecca for divers and especially wreck divers. The US President Coolidge still lays fully intact offering remarkable dives ranging from 60 to 250 feet. It is the most accessible wartime wreck in the world. Also on the island is Million Dollar Point where the American Army bulldozed equipment off the point into the ocean when they evacuated Espiritu Santo.

Vanuatu's Pentecost Island has a very special cultural tradition during the months of April and May. To celebrate and bless the yam crop, the village men leap from a 30 metre tower having vines tied to their legs. This ceremony, (the original bungee jumpers) is an age old ritual that is strictly adhered to. Very few visitors are able to witness this event, so, very early booking is required.

Whether a vacation to visit "Bali Hai" or to dive in the pristine waters, or a romantic getaway cruise to the South Pacific is in your near future, a visit to the island nation of Vanuatu is sure to excite and elate!

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