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Shoes for cruise vacations!

When packing for a cruise, some thought should be given to the footwear you will be taking. Having the wrong shoes for your cruise can make for a very unpleasant vacation. However, the right shoes for cruise vacations will mean comfortable walks on the decks and shore excursions, enjoyable exercise sessions in the fitness center, and safe, stylish formal nights.


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First and foremost, your shoes and footwear should be comfortable! It is unwise - and ill-advised - to purchase brand new shoes for a cruise vacation. Well broken-in footwear may well save blisters and sore feet that could limit the number of activities that you could otherwise enjoy.



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Most of the larger cruise ships have a very well appointed fitness center with a number of planned activity sessions and excellent equipment. As well, many cruise ships have jogging tracks to burn off some energy and a few calories. If your regular daily routine includes such activities, you should plan to pack appropriate shoes.

Comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles are definitely recommended. Whether strolling the decks of your magnificent cruise ship or checking out the shops while in port, nothing would be more aggravating than blisters caused by shoes that are less than comfortable.

During the day while on-board ship, you may find yourself lounging around one of the pools. For this, you may choose to pack a pair of ‘flip-flops’ or comfortable sandals. This type of footwear may be the order-of-the-day in port as well, particularly if you are planning a day the beach.

Generally, evening attire is classed as ‘dress casual’. Again, comfortable shoes should be the choice over high fashion. After dinner in the elegant dining room, you may choose to dance into the night in one of the lounges or discos. Although the motion of the ship is largely un-noticeable, there may be a slight sway. So ladies, unless you are very comfortable in heels, lower heeled shoes may be preferred.

This brings us to formal nights on your cruise vacation. The number of formal nights varies between cruise lines, length of cruise, and cruise itinerary. It’s best to check your cruise itinerary to find out how many formal nights there are. These nights bring out all the polish and glitz in attire. Tuxedo’s on men and formal gowns on ladies will be visible throughout the ship. Again though, think comfort and safety when planning your formal night footwear.

If there is one recurring thought throughout this article, it is the importance of comfortable shoes for your cruise vacation. If you do wish to buy new shoes for your cruise, purchase them early enough that you can have them well broken-in before your cruise. You can see a few of the new styles in our Cruise Wear Catalog.  Or go directly to the Cruise Shoes and Sandals page.

For more interesting information regarding cruise clothing, cruise ships, cruise destinations, check out some of the other articles on this site. You may even find a discount cruise to your liking. Then you can book your discount cruise  on-line and get excited!

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