Sailing ships provide adventure and style to your Romantic Getaway!                              


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Sailing Ships provide adventure and style to your Romantic Getaway!

Sailing ships have long been romanticized. You can now have a romantic getaway aboard these magnificent vessels. Whether it's a re-conditioned ship or a reproduction, you will find adventure and romance.

There are many sailing cruise ships and cruise lines dedicated to sailing ships available for almost any itinerary you choose. Some of these can be chartered while others are run similar to "conventional" cruise lines.

You can cruise the Caribbean aboard sailing ships like those run by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. If you prefer a more luxurious cruise adventure by sail, Windstar Cruises has two beautiful sailing ships in these waters with capacities of 148 passengers each that will enhance your romantic getaway. Star Clippers also sail the Caribbean, having room for 228 passengers. There are smaller sailing ships with capacities as low as 10 passengers that are available here too.

The Mediterranean is another area where a number of sailing ships cruise the waters. Companies like Sean Cloud Cruises, Star Clippers, and Windstar Cruises provide a number of excellent itineraries for your romantic getaway.

There are world cruises on board sailing ships which can be booked in segments. There are British Isles cruises, and Australia cruises. There are river cruises available in various parts of the world.

In North America, there are coastal cruises along the east and west coast. There are cruises in the Great Lakes. And of course, there are dinner cruises and sunset cruises available worldwide. Sailing ships add a wonderful ambiance to these!

Many of these cruises are not like traveling aboard the giant cruise ships that offer all the amenities of a vacation resort hotel. Some are very rustic in nature while others can be quite elegant.

Whether your ideal sailing ship adventure includes elegance or ancient nautical conditions, whether it's in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, whether it's a two week or a two hour cruise, you can surely find something that will excite you and spark the flame of a romantic getaway!

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