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Romantic Getaway Cruises put a whole new meaning on get-away-from-it-all!

Is it time for you and your special someone to "get-away-from-it-all"? Why not consider a romantic getaway cruise? With such a wide range of opportunities, itineraries, cruise lengths and locations, getaway cruises have something for everyone looking for romance.

There are a myriad of dinner cruises available in every nook of the world. Some of these romantic cruises take place on the oceans. Some cruises are on inland lakes. Still others find romance on the inland waterways and rivers. There are very romantic sunset cruises at many of these venues as well.

Your romantic getaway could include a river cruise on one of the many inland waterways of the world. In North America, there are river cruises on rivers like the Mississippi and the St. Lawrence as well as many others. In Europe, you may wish to cruise on the Rhine, the Rhone, or the Thames. In Africa, there's the romantic and exotic Nile. In South America, there's an Amazon cruise - and that's really getting away! Of course, this is just a smattering of available river cruises for your romantic getaway.

Perhaps a European cruise would appeal as your romantic getaway. Most of the major cruise lines worldwide offer European cruises. What could be more romantic than a Mediterranean cruise to the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera, to Sicily, or Venice? Cruising the Mediterranean offers as many cruise itineraries as the very popular Caribbean.

And speaking of the Caribbean, how romantic would an exotic western Caribbean cruise be? Here you can visit the Mayan Riviera! The Southern Caribbean cruises visit such romantic ports of call as the Barbados and Aruba. Bahamas cruise getaways are a favorite for many romantic couples. The warmth of a winter getaway cruise in the Caribbean exudes romance. Imagine sipping a glass of wine on your private deck while cruising, dressing for a romantic and elegant dinner, enjoying a "Vegas Style" show, and then enjoying the stars while strolling the decks of your magnificent cruise ship - all in one day!

The majesty of an Alaskan cruise can make for a very special romantic getaway. There are glorious vistas to behold - marvelous glaciers and beautiful scenery everywhere you turn. There are a number of cruise itineraries here as well - something to suit every romantic!

From Alaska let's look at Hawaii - perhaps the most romantic place in North America. Cruises to Hawaii offer romantics a few days at sea while cruising the Pacific from the mainland. While in the islands, the stops are in some of the most romantic locations.

Perhaps an even more exotic cruise is in store for your romantic getaway. How about a Polynesian cruise, and Indonesian cruise or an African cruise? Romance and adventure go hand-in-hand on these cruises. Imagine cruising to "Bali Hai" of literature fame. Is that romantic?!

How about a tall ship cruise for romance? Your romantic getaway could include sailing the seas by wind and sail. Enjoy the romance of days gone by sailing aboard these fabulous ships.

Whether you choose to cruise on a river boat, a paddle wheeler, a tall ship, a luxury yacht or one of the mega-monster floating resorts, cruising can provide the atmosphere for a fabulous romantic getaway.

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