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Romantic Cruise Vacation – A Wonderful Week of Romance on the Sea

Day Two

We awake early this morning and after we greet each other, we head to the balcony. As we open the door, we find that our Romantic Cruise Vacation is providing us with a view of a beautiful tropical island a short distance away. This is a site you can only get while cruising.  We are approaching the harbor at Nassau.

After watching as we dock, we quickly get showered for the day ahead. While getting ready, we are amazed again at the efficiency of the design of the staterooms.

Before we head off the ship, we grab a quick breakfast at the buffet. The variety of food available at any meal here is just unbelievable. We get an omelet made to order, bacon toast and juice and take a seat next to the windows so that we can view the port area of Nassau.

When we are finished our breakfast, we head out to stroll the streets of Nassau. We plan to visit the straw market. It’s a beautiful morning as we amble arm-in-arm toward the market.

The straw market is like a beehive of activity – and things are just getting going for their day! We make a few purchases of mementos and gifts and continue on our way.

We see some of our fellow passengers riding in horse drawn carriages while taking in the sites. The walk is extremely enjoyable and invigorating even though we are simply ambling along.

The gangway will be raised on the ship before lunch so we head back to our lavish floating resort hotel.

After lunch, we decide to check out the slot tournament in the lively casino. We decide that we would rather just play a few different machines. After a couple of tries, we hit a winner! Not a big one, but the winnings will allow us play for a while another time.

We want to spend some time in the sun up on deck, so we head back to the cabin to change. Up on deck, we find a couple of lounges in the sun, nicely protected from the sea breeze overlooking the pool below.

Adults and kids alike are having fun in the pool… and this is only one of three on our cruise ship. One of the crew comes by asking if we would like drinks. We order a cold brew and a fruity concoction in a fancy glass complete with umbrella – the drink of the day.

A little after three, we decide to take a drink back to the balcony for some alone-time before getting ready for dinner.

Tonight is the Captain’s Reception, a night of formal attire. As we dress in our finest, we find ourselves being swept up in the romance of the evening.

Heading toward the dining room, we see elegant gowns and tuxedos. The dining room seems exceptionally magnificent this evening.

At our table, our new friends are already seated. The wine steward asked if we would like to order anything. I told him the types of wine we preferred and asked that he make a suggestion. His choice was perfect! And the cuisine was fantastic.

We became so rapt-up in the evening that we decided to miss the stage show and just take pleasure in each other’s company. We went for a stroll on the deck before heading to one of the nightclubs for a drink.

The 50’s and 60’s Prom Night at one of the clubs sounded intriguing. It was wonderful! Dressed to the nines and re-living our youthful love as we danced into the night!

As we headed back to our stateroom we knew that this was one magical night…

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