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Romantic Cruise Vacation – A Wonderful Week of Romance on the Sea

Day Seven

Our Romantic Cruise Vacation starts early this morning. We want to get an early start because today we are heading to the cruise line’s private island paradise. We enjoy a hearty breakfast at the buffet as the ship anchors off shore and the tenders are launched.

The beach is an amazing expanse of white sand and crystal clear water. There are just too many activities to consider trying everything. We do take an eco-tour of the island. The magnificent birds and wildlife are something to behold.

Immediately upon our return to the beach area, we charge into the sea for refreshing dip. The tour was extremely interesting, but also extremely hot! Floating in the refreshing waters of the Caribbean, we watch all of the activities going on around us.

Sea kayakers are paddling along. Parasailers are soaring in the distance. There are families enjoying and inflatable shark ride. And everywhere the waters are alive with revelers taking advantage of our last port-of-call – not to mention the last day of our cruise.

As we leave the water for the sandy beach we look around and realize that we truly are in a tropical paradise. A short stroll along the beach captures that last little bit of paradise to take with us in our hearts.

We are back on board in time for our ‘private time’ on our private balcony with the ‘manditory’ glass of fine wine. This will be our last afternoon to enjoy the coziness and romance of these special times.

As we prepare to go for dinner, we are saddened at the thought that tomorrow at this time we’ll be on our way home. But we are determined not to let that sentiment ruin our last romantic night on our cruise vacation.

Our dinner companions are awaiting our arrival at our table. The wine steward brings us a bottle of our special wine. And the conversation begins. We are comparing our vacation times and it is almost unbelievable. Although we all had a very exciting, romantic vacation – and all aboard the same cruise ship – we could have been on different cruises.

That’s the beauty of romantic vacations aboard cruise ships. There is so much to do and so many places to go, you can certainly find your special romantic vacation that is unique to you.

After dinner, we say our fond farewells to our new friends and the courteous and friendly wait staff. It is a happy and sad time all rolled into one.

The cruise ship ‘idol’ contest finals are tonight and we don’t want to miss it. The winner was an absolutely beautiful singer.

Afterwards, we sadly stroll the deck by moonlight knowing that our romantic vacation is just about over.

We decide to take advantage of the last chance to dance to the DJ in the disco. After a couple of dances, we decide that we would rather just take in the atmosphere on deck – arm-in-arm - one last time before turning in.

… tomorrow our Romantic Cruise Vacation is over. But the romance will continue…


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