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Romantic Cruise Vacation – A Wonderful Week of Romance on the Sea

If you need confirmation that a Romantic Cruise Vacation can be the answer to your romantic getaway, this is the series of articles for you. We will take a cyber week’s vacation to the Eastern Caribbean aboard a magnificent cruise ship and show you the romance of the seas!

Day One

We arrive at about noon to the Florida cruise terminal filled with anticipation of the upcoming week’s events. Upon entrance into the ship, we find ourselves awe-struck at the grandeur. When the bewilderment subsides, we stroll off to find our stateroom. Entering the stateroom, we are amazed at the efficiency of the layout.

At the far end of the cabin is the door leading to our private balcony. Of course, we have to check this out! Standing arm-in-arm at the rail we look down and get a better feel for the immense size of the magnificent cruise ship.

Now on for a romantic exploratory of the ship's amenities… and a quick bite – just to tide us over until dinner. We next check out the gym and take the spa tour. Ummm… we’re certainly going to have to take advantage of this!

The ship’s friendly activities staff are waiting to meet and greet us. They have a way of getting everyone interactive and excited. (This is going to be one fantastic cruise vacation!)

There is a ship tour about to start, but we choose to explore the vessel at our own leisurely pace - taking note of the most romantic spots that we will most certainly take advantage of.

Just before the gangway is raised, we need to partake in the mandatory lifeboat drill. For some this is a big pain. However, if this is the only imposition during our romantic vacation, it’s a small price to pay… about 20 minutes of our time.

After the drill, we head back to our cabin – the balcony to be precise to enjoy watching the ship sail away from port. What an absolutely romantic time to spend together! In the distance, we can hear the festivities on board as the activities staff engages the passengers in the sail-away party.

After a few moments of leisure – together of course – it’s time to freshen up for dinner. The first night’s dining-rooms have no dress code as the ship’s staff are feverishly working to ensure that all the bags are distributed to the proper staterooms.

We arrive in the elegant dining room to find that we are joined at our table by two other couples – about our age – looking for a romantic escape of their own. We enjoy the casual discussion while getting just a taste of the cuisine that will tantalize our taste buds throughout our voyage. A fine bottle of wine complements the dining experience.

After dinner, our new dinner friends suggest that we check out one of the lounges for cocktails and dancing before the welcome aboard show starts in the theatre. The intimate lounges add to the romance of the evening.

In the ship’s theatre the stage show is fantastic. Introductions to some more members of the activities and entertainment staff are included as well as some hints as to what we can expect throughout our romantic week at sea.

After the show there we part company with our dinner companions. There is a welcome aboard pizza party, an art auction and of course the lounges and disco available as options. We decide however to take a romantic stroll on the upper deck – just the two of us. We find that we are well at sea and the fresh sea air is exhilarating. The moon is bright over the water – the kind of thing you would expect only in the movies. But this is one romantic movie that we are living!

We decide that we’ll get a ‘night-cap’ and take it back to our cabin to enjoy on our private balcony. How relaxing – and romantic – it is to be sitting together listening to the action of the sea against the boat. A peck on the cheek announces that it is time to retire…

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