Romantic Cruise Vacation - Day Four                                                                                                    


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Romantic Cruise Vacation – A Wonderful Week of Romance on the Sea

Day Four

Today on our Romantic Cruise Vacation we rise with anticipation of a day at the beach. And not just any beach… the fantastic Orient Beach on the island of St Maarten / St Martin. After an excellent breakfast (again!) we head up to the sun deck to watch as we approach the harbor to anchor.

We tender in to the dock from the ship in the lifeboats. A small bus is waiting to take us from the Dutch side of the island to the French side – and Orient Beach.

Considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, the clothing optional Orient Beach lies in a cove protected by a rocky island. The beach is warm and inviting. The water is just as wonderfully alluring.

We stroll the beach and watch all of the activity on the water. The warm Caribbean draws us in. From the water we look back at the beach. Almost as far as we look left and right, the white sandy beach is bustling. Beyond, the tropical hills rise with condos and residences overlooking the beach and sea.

As our romantic day at Orient Beach continues, we think that this could be a glimpse of what Eden might have been like. Far too soon the bus returns for our trip back to the Dutch side of the island, where our cruise ship is moored.

When we arrive at Phillipsburg, we decide to browse the shops before returning to the ship. After a few more purchases we board a tender for the return cruise to the ship.

We arrive back in time for our now ritual glass of wine on our private balcony before dinner.

At dinner, we swap stories of the days events with our table companions. One couple went on the Butterfly Garden tour. Yet another did an island tour. When they asked where we were for dinner last night, we just looked at each other and smiled.

On our way to the theatre for the nightly show, we pause to admire the ice carvers and their works of art. The show tonight is especially glamorous. Tonight is a Vegas style show with all of the glitz and glitter.

After the show we stop at the casino. The place is humming tonight. In one corner of the casino we hear a scream and cheers – someone has won the jack-pot! We spend about an hour playing some slots and watching others winning. (You notice that we PLAYED while others WON.) No matter, we have won simply by being on this fabulous romantic cruise vacation together.

Tonight, we grab a nightcap and return to our private balcony for a wind-down before retiring. Until tomorrow…

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