Romantic Cruise Vacation - Day Five                                                                                                    


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Romantic Cruise Vacation – A Wonderful Week of Romance on the Sea

Day Five

We rise this morning on our Romantic Cruise Vacation and we are already at dock in Tortola. The information we received in our daily newsletter said that Tortola was well known for spices - sometimes even called The Spice Island.

Today we will take a leisurely stroll. The shops are within easy walking distance from the cruise ship. And along the way there is a tented market with local vendors selling their wares.

Entering the shops, the aroma of the spices is almost overwhelming. Inside the stores you get the feeling of being in an exotic place. As we proceed from store to store and that feeling seems to grow. The romance of this place is incredible.

On the way back to ship, we check out the vendors under canvas – (or cotton in this case). Some of the crafts are incredible. Along with our spice purchases, we pick up a couple of these crafts for mementos and gifts.

We are back on board for a late lunch. After lunch we find a couple of lounges near the pool at the stern of the ship. The pool water looks inviting so we take a plunge.

About mid afternoon we set sail for the cruise line’s private island. We have chosen to spend a little more time on our balcony this afternoon so we order a bottle of our new favorite wine to be delivered to our stateroom.

It is a wonderfully warm afternoon as we leave port. The vista from our balcony is something that you would expect to see only in the movies – but we are enjoying this together in our private, intimate space.

The afternoon wanes and it is time to get cleaned up for dinner and the evening. As we dress, we realize that our romantic vacation is passing by quickly.

After yet another amazing meal, we head to one of the smaller theaters where a ‘Newlywed, not so Newlywed’ game is to be played. Now this game is really funny. At least for the audience! Some of the answers were definitely not what the spouse was expecting!

Still laughing about the game show, we head to the main theater for the later show. The performers tonight are exceptionally appropriate. A singing group performs a medley of romantic ballads. Some of the songs are current chart-toppers while others bring back memories that we share together.

Not wanting to lose the romantic mood established in the theater, we head to one of the nightclubs where we know there will be romantic dance music. Dancing in each other’s arms, we almost lose ourselves in the passion of the moment.

A loving stroll on the deck finds us admiring the glow of the moon on the water. We pause for a longer look and find ourselves embracing in a passionate kiss. A little embarrassed, we head to our stateroom to retire for the evening…

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