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Queen Mary 2 cruise ship - Queen of the Seas!

At the time of this article, Queen Mary 2 cruise ship is the world's largest ocean liner and arguably premier cruise ship. Cunard cruise lines' grandest ship is also the longest and tallest. Queen Mary 2 set sail on her maiden voyage on January 12 2004 from Southampton, a 14 day inaugural cruise to Fort Lauderdale.

The Queen Mary 2 cruise ship has many of the Cunard hallmarks. She has the sweeping staircase, soaring public rooms, a grand ballroom and the 360 degree promenade deck. Of course, with one staff member for each couple, the "White Star Service" of excellence is assured.

Three quarters of the staterooms on Queen Mary 2 have balconies, and there are even two story duplexes with their own exercise rooms! With a passenger capacity of 2620 and one of the roomiest space ratios, Cunard has provided 14 decks including sports facilities, lounges bars, 5 pools, shops and 10 restaurants! She is also the only ship that has a planetarium!

After being five years in planning, Queen Mary 2 became reality. She entered her home port for the first time on Friday December 26 2003. Her first cruise to New York was slated to arrive in New York April 22 with fares starting at 999 pounds per passenger. She would be met in New York by her older sister Queen Elizabeth 2 on April 25, and berth together. This would be the first time for two Cunard Queens to berth together there since March of 1940.

On the return voyage, the two cruise ships would anchor off the Statue of Liberty for a grand send-off. They would then sail the six day journey remaining in site of one another. Both ships would arrive in Southampton on May 1 when the Queen Elizabeth 2"s transatlantic baton would be passed to the Queen Mary2. The QE 2 would then go for her retrofit before assuming her new role as Cunard's Southampton based cruise ship.

Queen Mary 2's funnel height was limited to 62 metres above water line in order to pass under the Verazzo Narrows Bridge in New York. She has about 250 tonnes of paint sprayed on an area of 550,00 square metres. Her power plant will produce enough electricity to light Southampton with a population of about 200,000. One lone joystick on her bridge maneuvers her sideways, at an angle, or she can remain stationary over a fixed spot by using satellites and wind gauges. Her whistle can be heard for 10 miles and was originally on the Queen Mary.

More Queen Mary 2 interesting facts:

  • Length 1,132 feet

  • Beam 135 feet

  • Draft 32 feet 10 inches

  • Height (Keel to Funnel) 236.2 feet

  • Gross app. 151,400 gross tons

  • Passengers 2,620

  • Crew 1,253

  • Power 157,000 horsepower

  • Cost 550 million pounds (est.)

  • Five times larger than Cunard's first ship Britannia (230 ft.)

  • 113 feet longer than Queen Mary

  • 147 feet longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower

  • More than twice as long as the Washington Monument is tall

Cunard commissioned artists to produce over $5 million in original art for the Queen Mary 2. Besides the planetarium, she has a "museum-quality" Maritime Quest exhibit to take you to the Golden era of transatlantic cruises.

There are of course fully equipped fitness areas and sports activities. Queen Mary 2 has one of the finest spas on water. The culinary experience on board is arguably second to none! The three story Britannia restaurant with its grand sweeping staircase can make for your "grande descente" into the night life.

And the night life! Nowhere else on the seas can you experience a more elegant soiree. The Queen Mary 2 "struts her stuff" when the stars shine! Beaded gowns! Tails! Caviar! Champagne!

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