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Princess Cruise Line Southern Caribbean ports-of-call!

As you may have read in another article, we have planned a family vacation cruise (see Family Vacation Cruise) aboard the Princess Cruise Line ship Golden Princess (see Golden Princess Cruise Ship). We mentioned, we had a wide range of ages to consider. The Princess line's cruise ships offered an equally wide range of amenities and activities. Another step was to choose an itinerary. After careful consideration, we chose a Southern Caribbean cruise with Princess.

We chose this itinerary for a number of reasons. Again, the diversity of ages in our group demanded ports-of-call offering a variety of excursions, activities and things to see. We were also looking for a warm, tropical destination. And, WE had not been on a Southern Caribbean cruise as yet. Everything is falling into place nicely for a fantastic family vacation.

In the other articles mentioned, we spoke of how we came to choose the cruise line (Princess), cruise ship (Golden Princess), and itinerary. I mentioned that if the magnificent cruise ship wasn't enough, you needed to check out the ports-of-call:

San Juan
St. Thomas
St. Kitts
Isla Margarita

With destination ports like these, who wouldn't enjoy this cruise? Check out the individual ports-of-call.

San Juan

The starting point for our family cruise vacation to the Southern Caribbean is San Juan Puerto Rico. This beautiful city is the second oldest in the Americas. Founded in 1521, San Juan is one of the largest natural harbors in the Caribbean. The historic old city has cobblestone streets, hanging balconies, and chapels with modern high-rise hotels springing up on the more developed beach front.

St. Thomas

Our first stop is St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands whose turquoise Caribbean waters command your special attention. Gorgeous tropical fish have called this island home for centuries. And tails of the pirates abound (Hargh!)!

St Kitts

Next the Golden Princess visits the lush tropical southern Caribbean Island of St. Kitts in the tiny, two island independent state of St. Kitts and Nevis. The British Colonial past of the island is evident throughout the island. At the center of the island you will find the mist-enshrouded Mount Liamuiga. Natural preservation is paramount in St. Kitts where a law states that no building can be higher than the surrounding palm trees.


The island of Grenada is the third stop on our cruise vacation. The dense forests and colorful markets attract visitors to its fragrant shores. Fragrant with what, you ask? Large amounts of spices like nutmeg, cloves, mace, cinnamon, ginger and cocoa have caused Grenada to be nick-named "Spice Island".

Isla Margarita

We next find ourselves on an island known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean", Isla Margarita, Venezuela. The Spanish conquest of 1498 references the beautiful beaches and the waters full of the ocean treasures and baptized the area "the pearl". La Restinga National Park is an ecosystem of natural canals bordering a large lagoon and a mangrove swamp with more than a thousand animal and vegetative species. The east end of the island harbors the shoppers paradise of Porlamar.


Dutch Colonial buildings still grace the island of Aruba which was part of the Netherlands' Antilles until its independence in 1986. This southern Caribbean island has severe contrasts: The arid interior of the island with cactus and windswept divi-divi trees verses the balmy and sandy beaches and secluded coves. A number of fascinating natural rock formations has intrigued tourists.

After visiting Aruba, we have a day at sea to relax before returning to San Juan. This itinerary will surely keep everyone very busy and entertained. The Southern Caribbean weather alone can make for a fabulous cruise vacation. Add in the magnificent Golden Princess cruise ship and the fascinating ports-of-call, and your family vacation cruise will be an unforgettable experience!

If you have questions regarding choosing the correct cruise line for you, contact us at info[at]a1-discount-cruises.com using the subject line "Questions". We will do our absolute best to help you. For more informative articles check out our Article Maps. To purchase and book your cruise on-line, go to our main Discount Cruises main page and click one of the great merchant links there. Then all that's left to do is to get excited!

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