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Experience "Personal Choice Cruising" with Princess Cruise Lines aboard their fabulous Princess cruise ships - the Love Boats!

From its modest beginnings in 1965 with a single cruise ship traveling to Mexico, Princess Cruise Lines has grown to become one of the world's premier cruise lines. Its fleet carries more than 800,000 passengers each year to nearly 260 ports-of-call worldwide! Princess Cruise Lines prides itself in striving to evolve to meet the desires of today's cruise vacationers.

One of the most recognized lines in the world, Princess Cruise Lines was catapulted into the limelight in 1977 when the cruise ship Pacific Princess was given the starring role in the television show "The Love Boat". This television series was instrumental in introducing the millions of viewers to the "new" concept of vacationing on the seas. Even today when many people think of cruises they think of the "Love Boats".

The Princess Cruise Lines fleet has grown considerably from its humble beginnings. The well known "Seawitch" logo is now sported on fifteen magnificent cruise ships with more to come.

The Princess Cruise Lines' Grand class includes six cruise ships. With seating for over 2,600 guests, this class features some of the most innovative amenities to be found on cruise ships.

When debuted in 1995, the Princess Cruise Lines' Sun class set a new standard in cruise ships' designs. Seating over 1,950 guests, the five vessels offered a host of onboard choices.

For a small ship atmosphere coupled with today's modern amenities, the Princess Cruise Lines' Explorer class is the choice. The four cruise ships in this class offer seating for about 670 discerning guests.

Princess Cruises is one of the dozen or more lines included in the Carnival Corporation. Offering one of the widest number of destinations, they offer more than 150 itineraries that range from seven to seventy-two days. The fabulous cruise ships travel to all seven continents.

Today, Princess Cruise Lines' signature emphasis is on "Personal Choice Cruising". Each vessel in the fleet offers its own version with multiple dining choices, varied entertainment selections and a wide range of activities and amenities. Princess guests can create their own personal vacation experience suited to their special preferences and needs.

Want to enhance your Princess Cruise Lines experience? All you have to do is take advantage of the lines' "Adventure Ashore" program which features more than 1,500 port excursions. The company is also expanding its cruise/tour itineraries which offer passengers a seamless vacation package adding a full land tour to their cruise.

The Princess Cruise Lines has won numerous awards and accolades. Many cruise magazines have awarded them with titles like "Best Cruise Line", "Clients' Favorite", and "Cruise Line of the Year". The individual ships have won many awards as well. Other winning award categories for Princess include Environmental, Safety, Access, Medical, Onboard Features, Itineraries, Marketing, Website and Reservations.

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