Pre-Mediterranean Cruise Tours - Barcelona                                                                                                          


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Pre-Mediterranean Cruise Tours - Barcelona

As I had mentioned in an earlier post we are planning a Mediterranean Cruise on board the brand new Carnival Breeze. Because we have to fly half way around the planet to get to the port of embarkation we are flying in early. The reasons for this are threefold:

  • You’re never quite sure when a flight will be over-booked or cancelled.

  • We want to somewhat acclimatize to the new time zone.

  • We want to have time to explore the port city of Barcelona.

Our plan is to take an overnight flight and arrive in the morning prior to our ship’s departure. We will go to our pre-booked hotel and do an early check-in even though our room will not likely be ready. With our luggage safely held at the hotel we will venture out.

Within a few blocks of our hotel is a bus stop for the Barcelona Bus Turistic. This bus system stops at most of the hottest attractions in Barcelona. It is comprised of three separate routes that have a few stops in common so that you can change your route when desired.

The buses run on a regular schedule of about 15 minutes so you can stay for a quick look or spend a couple of hours depending on your interest.
For the price of a ticket you can hop on and hop off all day long. There is also a ticket for a two day pass.

he buses have an enclosed lower section and an open air upper deck. Even if you don’t get off the bus except to change lines you can get a great tour of the city of Barcelona.

We’re looking forward to visiting “Sagrada Familia” and perhaps “Park Gruell”. This bus route takes you to the “Futbol Club Barcelona” (soccer stadium) as well as a host of other sites.
Another route will take one to the “Port Olimpic”, the beach and the “Forum” (among others). The third – the longest route has almost two dozen stops at various attractions.

We are very excited about this busy day of touring the city of Barcelona. At the end of this busy day after a fine meal we will surely sleep well in preparation for our next 12 busy days cruising on the Mediterranean.

Watch for our Carnival Breeze Mediterranean Cruise review that will be posted in July.

Browse through some of the other informative cruise pages.  Check out the great deals on our Discount Cruises page.  Then book your cruise on-line and get excited!.

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Pre-Mediterranean Cruise Tours - Barcelona

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