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Packing tips for your fabulous Alaska cruise!

Packing tips are helpful at any time.  But Alaska cruises are not like many other types of cruises. You will have some special needs on your voyage. We have included a few packing tips here to help you plan your trip and cruise wear.

The first packing tip is to remember that on an Alaska cruise you will be traveling very close to the Arctic region. This creates special cruise wear and clothing needs. It's better to plan to dress in layers. You will likely find this to be much more comfortable than wearing bulky parkas. For this, your cruise wear might include a couple of turtle necks, sweaters to put on over them, and a light wind-proof jacket.

The Alaskan weather can be unpredictable so you will want to be prepared. Some rain gear would be a good idea even if you are not the type to enjoy a stroll in the rain. An all weather type jacket can keep the rain and the wind out.

As with most cruises, comfortable walking shoes are a must. The magnificent cruise ships can be deceiving in size. And of course most of the shore excursions require some walking. An important packing tip for your shoes: Do not buy brand new walking shoes for your cruise. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and well broken in.

For the formal evenings, you may require special cruise wear attire. Ladies will want an evening or party gown, a pant suit or two. Better still would be a pair of black silky slacks matched with a couple of tops. With these, you have a couple of different ensembles, and because the pants usually have elasticized waists, you can better enjoy the magnificent cuisine! And, ( another packing tip! ) most of these cocktail pants are wrinkle free and take up very little luggage space.

Men usually require a dark suit or jacket with tie, or a tuxedo. It's always best to check the specific requirements for your cruise ship in advance.

For those of you who would rather not pack formal cruise wear, many cruise ships have rentals available. You should however plan for this well in advance. And of course, there are usually restaurants where more casual attire is always welcome.

The rest of the evenings usually call for a more dress casual cruise wear attire. Sport shirts and trousers for men and more casual dresses, pantsuits, or skirt/slacks/blouses for women are the norm.

When planning your Alaska cruise, an important packing tip is to keep your medications with you in your carry-on luggage. You may not receive your checked luggage for a few hours after boarding your ship. There is also the remote possibility (as with any travel) that your luggage may get lost or misplaced.

Because your luggage may be late in arriving, another packing tip is to include a change of cruise wear attire in your carry-on luggage. You may wish to get into something more relaxing before your luggage arrives. (This also gives you two outfits in case - just in case mind you - that your luggage does get misplaced.)

Make sure that you bring along your binoculars. You won't want to miss seeing the majestic wildlife up close. Cameras and extra film or memory are of course necessities. And just because you are heading to Alaska, don't forget to pack a bathing suit!


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