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Packing for a cruise!

Packing for a cruise is very much like packing for any other travel vacation. With a little planning, you can breeze through this sometimes stressful part of cruise ship vacationing. When packing for a cruise, preparing a check list is always advisable.

The first item on your check list should be your travel documents. These would include your passport and visa if required. Even if you are traveling an Alaskan cruise from say Vancouver B.C. to Alaska, it is wise to have your passport. In fact, on some cruises, the cruise lines take your passport upon boarding and don't return them until debarking at your return. Other documents to consider when packing for a cruise will of course be your travel tickets (plane, ship, transfers etc.) to be kept with your passport in a handy but safe location in your carry-on luggage.

The next items on your list while packing for your cruise would be medications. It is important for these also to be kept in your carry-on luggage. When you board your cruise ship, your luggage may not arrive at your cabin/stateroom until late in the day. There is also the possibility that your luggage gets misplaced or lost at the airport, or at the ship. You want to make sure that you have your required medications with you for these reasons. It is wise to include a change of clothes if possible in your carry-on. You may wish to relax and put on some lighter or more comfortable cruise wear before your luggage arrives.

On your list you should also have your personal items that you wish to take. This can become a rather long list of quite small items as well as razors, shavers, hair dryers and the like. It is sometimes advisable when packing for a cruise to check out the amenities in your cruise ship stateroom. By doing this you can free up some valuable luggage space by eliminating the items that are provided.

Next comes the big part. Planning and packing your cruise wear for your cruise vacation. Of course, the types of clothing required here will greatly depend on your particular itineraries. Obviously, cruises to Alaska would require different cruise wear than say a southern Caribbean Cruise. There will be however some things in common.

Most cruises have at least one formal night to enhance your romantic getaway. To partake in this requires formal attire. For men this usually means a dark suit or jacket with tie or a tuxedo. For women, it can be evening dresses, pant suits, skirts, or "cocktail" pants with tops. The latter have some advantages. The pants don't normally wrinkle and take up very little luggage space. They also often have elastic waist bands that allow you to better enjoy the wonderful cuisine. Formal cruise wear is sometimes available for rent if you prefer not packing formal wear for a cruise. It is wise to check early in your planning if this is a choice you would like to take.

There are usually restaurants that allow always casual dress for those who would prefer not to get "all dolled up". Casual evening attire usually would include pants and sport shirts for men, and less formal dresses, slacks, and skirts etc. for women. Even on warm weather cruise, it's advisable when packing for a cruise to include a light sweater. Evenings can have a cool breeze, and the air conditioning in the dining rooms of your cruise ship can prove too cool for "summer attire".

A very important item for any cruise is shoes. Make sure that you have at least one pair of comfortable, well broken-in walking shoes. Do not buy brand new walking shoes for a cruise. Low heels for women (even on formal night) will make navigating on board much easier and safer. You will also likely want a comfortable pair of sandals. Keep in mind, the size of a cruise ship can be very deceiving and you will do a fair bit of walking while on board.

When planning your list for your cruise vacation, it is advisable to check with the cruise line to verify what is considered formal wear, dress casual and casual attire. This will definitely aid you while packing for your cruise and you won't have any surprises later (when it's too late).

Other items to consider packing for a cruise would include cameras, extra film or memory, binoculars (especially for Alaskan cruises), sunscreen and sunhats etc. Once you have compiled your list, packing for your cruise will be a snap - and - no stress!

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