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Mexican Riviera Cruise Vacations

For adventure, sun and fun, it's hard to beat a Mexican Riviera Cruise Vacation.  With all of the available shore excursions, it may even be hard for you to choose just one at each port-of-call!

Mexican Riviera Cruises have become very popular - and it's no wonder. Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, this Riviera offers cruise guests a wide range of excursion options. From luxury cruises with the appropriate shore tours to adventure tours, to ecological tours to relaxing, bask-in-the-sun-and atmosphere tours, the Mexican Riviera cruises are dynamite vacation itineraries.

One can experience the quaint, relaxed 'old' Mexico with the ultra modern planned community resort style of Ixtapa in one excursion. Visiting the small fishing village of Zihuatanejo cruise tourists can shop the picturesque handicraft market. Traveling to the resort area of Ixtapa, visitors can view many four and five star luxury resort hotels.

An island getaway to Isla Ixtapa allows cruisers to experience the atmosphere, romance and relaxation the is Mexico. The island is half natural reserve hosting a variety of local flora and fauna, and half visitor oriented with rustic restaurants and basic services. Oh, and of course there's a beautiful sand beach to enjoy the sun and the fabulous Pacific.

Countryside tours provide more experiences of Mexico for cruise passengers. Visit a fruit plantation and wander the beaches where fishermen are casting their nets into the lagoon. See how bricks and floor tiles are made according to traditional methods in an open air factory.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the more famous and popular destinations on the Mexican Riviera. Again, cruise tourists can get a perspective of old and new Mexico. A walking tour could take you along the popular and very beautiful Malecon (or Boardwalk), pat Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral and the old town City Hall. A short distance away, one could learn how Mexico's famous Blue Agave Cactus tequila is made at the Hacienda Dona Engracia. All of these experiences are mingled with the modern resort areas of Puerto Vallarta. Visitors can watch a non-lethal demonstration of bull-fighting at the Plaza De Toros. As cruise guests pass through Gringo Gultch, they can catch glimpses of homes owned by the rich and famous including Elizabeth Taylor and the late Richard Burton.

Fun and adventure seekers can board a pirate ship for a tour that includes sailing, a pirate show with acrobatics and swordmanship and a beach visit. A you sail along the coast aboard the Marigalante, tourists can soak up the sun and salt air and witness views that are unique to this kind of excursion.

Adventurers may wish to experience a tropical jungle tour. One of the most exciting jungle locations in the area is located off the coast highway in the mountain foothills. The exotic tropical forest with its brightly colored plants and dense vegetation is the location for filming several movies including Predator starring Arnold Swarzenegger. Guest on this tour can swim in natural pools formed by the river.

Venture further into the remote areas of the Sierra Madre on a short, 15 minute flight. Landing at approximately 4,200 feet above sea level, guests are then transported to the village of San Sebastian - a colonial treasure. This 17th century silver mining town is so isolated that its original colonial charm has been preserved. In fact, the town is so well preserved that UNESCO has placed a protection order on the area.

Cruise excursionists can visit the birthplace of mariachi music, Guadalajara. Considered to be the 'Most Mexican of Mexican Cities', Guadalajara boasts stunning 16th century architecture and attracts thousands of visitors. The renowned colonial suburbs are a mecca for shopping and attract talented artisans to the fashionable area.

Mazatlan is another popular vacation spot on the Mexican Riviera. Cruise visitors can tour the old downtown district and view the cathedral. Down the coastline, one can see one of the world's tallest lighthouses situated on a natural hill. Scenes of the offshore islands with their beautiful beaches are evident. In Mazatlan one can shop for souvenirs and handicrafts in the city's Golden Zone. Watch as the famed Papantla Flyers perform the aerial acrobatics. These athletic performers twirl about on a pole 75 feet high in the ancient ritual of 'The Dance of Those Who Would Fly'. And of course, cruisers can take time to enjoy the Mazatlan beaches at one of the magnificent resort hotels.

For other cruise vacationers, perhaps a trip into the rugged Sierra Madre to the town of Concordia is desirable. Founded in 1550, Concordia is famed for its furniture, hand-made pottery and magnificent Baroque church. Continue of this excursion and visit the former gold mining town of Copala which was founded in 1565.

For bird-watchers, a tour to Stone Island may be the excursion of choice. Or perhaps a countryside tour that visits factories that manufacture huarache sandals, saddles and of course, Blue Agave Tequila.

No matter what your cruise shore excursions require, you're sure to find it on a Mexican Riviera cruise. The problem may be that there is so much to do that you just can't decide!

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