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Mayan Riviera Cruise Vacations - Exotic Luxury and Impressive Archaeology

Stretching roughly from Cancun to Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico we find one of the most popular resort and vacation areas on the Caribbean. Just off the coast of the Mayan Riviera is the island of Cozumel. This island paradise is one port-of call for Mayan Riviera Cruise Vacations.

Cozumel has a huge number of cruise vacation shore excursions available. From beautiful beach playgrounds, to an undersea and land National Park, to golf excursions and fishing expeditions to historical and ecological tours, Cozumel provides cruisers with options to please all.

Chankanaab National Park provides venues for snorkeling, Atlantis Submarine adventures, interaction with dolphins, helmet dives around the coral reefs and of course basking on the beach. Experience the wild bird sanctuary, small botanical garden and archaeological park at Chankanaab. Cruise visitors can enjoy a sea lion and tropical bird show here as well.

Of course, the crystal waters of this area make for excellent snorkeling. A number of different options are available to cruise adventurers. For those with dive certification, Scuba diving is available as well.

Partake in deep sea fishing on the nutrient-rich waters around Cozumel which offer some of the best sport fishing in the Caribbean. Dorado, tuna, sierra, wahoo and barracuda are all common to these waters.

Cozumel is sometimes regarded as the 'St. Thomas of the Western Caribbean' and has become one of the world's best duty-free shopping ports. Offerings include unbelievable pricing on diamonds and gems, jewelry, watches, gold and sterling silver as well as Mexican handicrafts. Designer watches and jewelry from your favorites are available as well.

The main access point for the mainland Mayan Riviera from Cozumel is Playa Del Carmen. As short water taxi or ferry ride brings you to this exotic resort area. While in Playa De Carmen, one can enjoy horseback riding along the beach and even into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

A short dive south from Playa Del Carmen brings visitors to the ancient city of Tulum. This 12th century fortress city was once home to the mighty Mayan Empire. As far back as 600 A.D., the area was occupied with around 1200 A.D. having the most dense population. The ruins of Tulum are one of the most significant archaeological finds in the Yucatan peninsula and are a must see for any adventurer. The pyramid shaped El Castillo sitting on top of a 40 foot cliff and the Temple of the Descending God overlook the blue waters of the Caribbean and offer an insight into the the technology and architecture of the Mayan civilization.

Nearby cruise visitors will find Xel-Ha. The lagoon area is famous for its clear water and tropical marine life. One can relax and soak up the ambience, swim and of course snorkel.

One of the world's most fascinating Eco-Parks is the X-Caret Eco-Archaeological Park. Located about a half hour south of Playa Del Carmen, cruise guests can enjoy water activities, strolling the facility and/or relax on the beach. One can snorkel the underground rivers and swim in the blue lagoons. Botanical Gardens, orchid house, mushroom farm, Free-flight aviary and butterfly pavilion provide ample to see as one strolls through the park.

South of the Mayan Riviera we find the cruise port of Costa Maya. This area is well known for its jungles, beaches and lagoons. Mayan ruins are part of the landscape here as well. With so much to do here as well, Costa Maya is a perfect port-of-call to take pleasure in during your Mayan Riviera cruise.

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