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For the Man - Cruise Wear and Shoes for Cruises

For the average man, cruise wear can mean your every-day casual attire. However, when packing for a cruise, there are a few things that you may want to consider.

Formal Nights

Often, the length of cruise and the particular cruise line dictates the number of formal nights. These are perhaps the most difficult of nights for many men. However, formal cruise wear for a man is much easier to choose than for a woman. Anything from a jacket and tie to a full formal tuxedo will do. Obviously, the more upscale the cruise line, the more often one sees full tuxedos.


Evening Cruise Wear

The rest of the evenings on board ship are for the most part considered dress-casual. This could mean a sports shirt and slacks, or again a jacket - with or without tie. Shorts in the dining rooms are often frowned upon in the evenings. If you choose to wear shorts and 'dress-down' casual cruise wear in the evenings, there are usually restaurants available for 'always casual' dining.

Daytime on Board Ship

During the day on board ship, absolute comfort is the key. After all, you are on vacation. With few restrictions, you are encouraged to dress casually and relax. Swim trunks on the decks are common on warm destination cruises. Cover-ups are sometimes requested in the casual restaurants.

Daytime at the Port

Day-time on shore, your cruise wear attire will depend on a few things. Most importantly, where you are going and what you will be doing. Obviously a shore excursion to a beach will mean swim trunks and cover-up. If you are doing some of the other water sports, again swim trunks and cover-ups are required. (Cover-ups can protect you if the day is extremely hot and sunny and there is no shade available.) If you are going on an off-road excursion, you may want a more dressed down comfy-casual attire - including a hat for sun shade. In some ports, a more dress casual is appropriate. Dress casual is also appropriate for some of the sightseeing excursions which can include stops in monasteries, old churches, museums and the like.

Shoes for Cruise

Footwear is very important when taking a cruise vacation. Comfortable is the keyword for shoes for cruise. You will want to have a pair of sandals, flip-flops or the like for visiting the pool and beaches. Good walking shoes will help navigating the decks of the ships and on many of the sightseeing shore excursions. A versatile pair of dressier shoes for the evening, and you are away to the races!

Destinations Dictate Cruise Wear

Of course, the destination of your cruise vacation will dictate some of these issues as well. For example, on an Alaskan cruise you will want to have some lightweight clothing that can be layered for the cool evenings. Lightweight rain gear would be appropriate for this type of cruise as well. A Mediterranean cruise may dictate more dress casual clothing for the shore excursions or just wandering about the cruise ports-of-call.

As you can see guys, your cruise vacation is much easier to plan and pack for than the ladies. (Maybe that's why we can enjoy the time leading up to a cruise more than the ladies can!)

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