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Indescribable Luxury Cruise Line Vacations!

Every cruise vacation offers passengers a luxurious cruising experience. Some of the cruise lines raise the bar so high that they are referred to as Luxury Cruise Lines by going "above and beyond" what one might expect in a great cruise experience. Taking Romantic Getaways cruises aboard their ships is really considered a Luxury Cruise Line Vacation!

This type of luxury cruise line includes such companies as Crystal Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Windstar Cruises and Silversea Cruises. Vacations with these cruise lines are truly an unforgettable romantic and luxurious experience.

For the most part, these cruise lines operate smaller ships on which they can better look after their passengers. They provide excellent service of "six-star" quality. Many of the cruise lines offer more exotic itineraries enhancing their Luxury Cruise experience. These lines also have a more genuine all-inclusive cruise nature.

You might think that the staff on the luxury cruise lines' ships are telepathic. The crews are trained to anticipate your needs and desires and react with courteous service. Expect friendly service from a staff that will know you by name and remember your favorite drinks, remember your breakfast preferences and all the "little" items that you may wish.

In order to provide this type of luxury service, the staff to passenger ratio is higher than on the main stream cruise lines. As an example, The Paul Gaugan, a Radisson Seven Seas cruise ship has room for only 320 passengers with a staff of 211. Virtually every luxury cruise line has a passenger-to-staff ratio of 2 to 1.

As mentioned above, the luxury cruise line ships are generally smaller than the mega ships of the "mainstream" cruise lines. The passenger capacities of the smaller luxury ships average between about 150 and 400. Crystal Cruises is an exception. This luxury cruise line has a fleet of three luxury ships with passenger capacities of about 900. This however does not compromise their luxury cruise experience.

All of the luxury cruise ships display expensive works of art, rare and exotic woods, fine fabrics and china and have expansive wine cellars. The luxurious accommodations aboard these ships are relatively large and very well appointed. The public areas - elegant dining rooms, enticing spa, exciting casino etc.- are in most cases smaller and more intimate on luxury ships than on the larger cruise ships.

Because these luxury cruise ships are smaller, they have the ability to sail to ports that are inaccessible by their "bigger cousins". This again makes for a more intimate, luxurious and romantic getaway cruise experience in these ports - no crowds of four to six mega ships passengers.

Luxury cruise lines offer itineraries worldwide and in the most exotic places. There is truly something for everyone looking for that special luxury cruise vacation!

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Romantic getaways for great luxury cruise deals!

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