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Fabulous Infinity Cruises are offered with fantastic itineraries by Celebrity Cruise Lines!

Taking an Infinity cruise aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines is the ultimate in magnificent  and luxurious surroundings. No matter what the itinerary, the ship is likely to take main stage. You will be surrounded by public areas finished elegantly in fine woods, marble, etched glass and polished granite. Your wonderful Infinity cruise of course includes the traditional classic elements that Celebrity Cruise Lines are noted for.

Built in 2001, the Infinity cruise ship is on of the largest class of ship that Celebrity Cruise Lines operates to date. This ship offers 80% oceanview cabins of which about three quarters have balconies. Offering 11 passenger decks, Infinity has a capacity at 2 per cabin of 1950 guests. She is 964.6 feet long and has a beam of 105.6 feet. Cruising speed of 24 knots and drawing 26.3 feet, Infinity has a wonderful 1.9 passenger/crew ratio with a crew of 999.

This ratio allows for their usual excellent service of pampering their guests. And of course the cuisine is exquisite. On the Infinity, Celebrity Cruise Lines staff presents, with five star service, the offerings of master chef Michel Roux. The SS United States specialty restaurant is a "must'" to visit and by all accounts well worth the modest additional charge.

Infinity lives up to the Celebrity Cruise Lines' reputation as a spotless, clean and spacious cruise ship. Decks six through nine are almost entirely dedicated to guest cabins. Deck two and part of three are as well. The pool deck is deck 10 accommodating the buffet dining area as well. On decks 11 and 12 one finds the walking and sports areas as well as a large lounge-nightclub on the higher deck forward. Deck 3 also includes the "front desk" area as well as the bank, excursion office, movie theatre, meeting rooms and the alternative dining room the SS United States. The main theatre is on decks 4 and 5 as well as the dining room aft, with shops, casino, lounges, photo gallery and other like amenities in between.

There are unique touches aboard Infinity that Celebrity Cruise Lines have included like the Magnolia Garden. This floating botanical conservatory boasts two-deck-high glazing. Trellises draped in vines, rattan chairs, wrought iron tables and fabric canopies complete the experience.

Infinity includes the usual sports and spa facilities that are included on Celebrity Cruise Lines' cruise ships including golf putting greens, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. You can even luxuriate with an aromatherapy massage, a fog shower or enjoy the thalassotherapy pool.

A cruise aboard the Infinity cruise ship is an experience that will last a lifetime. Celebrity Cruise Lines offers a wide variety of itineraries that will tantalize your cruising hunger!

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