Hurricane Season runs from July 01 to December 01!                                                                  


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Hurricane season runs from July 01 to December 01!

If you are planning a Caribbean Vacation during the summer or fall, You might want to consider a Caribbean Cruise. Because of the hurricane season, cruise lines tend to reduce cruise rates and there are often many discount cruises available. But don't worry about the hurricane potential! Because technology is as advanced as it is today and the speed of cruise ships, hurricanes can be avoided with little notice to the traveler. Perhaps a minor change of itinerary may occur, but if you're flexible for these, hurricane season cruises can be a great value!

Today's cruise ships are equipped with very sophisticated hurricane information systems. These systems allow ample time for the ships to navigate around severe tropical storms and hurricanes. If one is headed for one of the ports of call, the cruise line will divert the ship to an alternate port to avoid the bad weather.

Coupled with these sophisticated systems, is the speed of a cruise ship. The typical tropical storm or hurricane travels at about 8 - 10 knots. A cruise ship on the other hand can travel at speeds up to 20 knots so even "out-running" a storm is not a problem!

In the Caribbean, islands are close enough that in some cases of storms or hurricanes, a cruise ship simply needs to travel to the opposite side of an island to get into calmer waters. Cruise lines have been operating in the Caribbean waters for many years and this experience has spawned the strategy of avoiding storms rather than confronting them. You may not even know that a storm is being avoided while on ship!

Finding alternate ports of call can be tricky for cruise lines. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, there could be a number of cruise ships looking for a calmer port of call to avoid the storm. It could even occur that instead of making a specific port of call that the guests may simply experience a couple of extra days at sea - in calm waters. If a port of call is missed, you cannot receive a refund. The fine print in your cruise contract gives cruise lines the right to substitute ports at their discretion.

The main "risk" of cruising in the Hurricane season is the potential of some slightly rougher waters. For this reason it may be advisable to pack your favorite seasickness remedy. And even this risk is usually short lived as the captain will sail for calmer seas.

To further avoid the risk of cruising close to hurricanes in the Caribbean, opt for a cruise to the southern Caribbean. There is less risk that far south - about one major hurricane every 100 years.

The bottom line is that if you are a little flexible and prepared, a Caribbean cruise during the hurricane season can be an excellent vacation value. Who knows? You may even get to see a port of call that appeals to you more than a regularly scheduled port!

Browse through some of the other informative cruise pages. You may even find a discount cruise or two to your liking. Then book your Caribbean Cruise - hurricane or not - on-line and get excited!.

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