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How to get Reduced Price Cruises!

Are you planning a cruise vacation and looking for a great price on your special cruise? There are a number of ways that cruise clients can get reduced price cruises. We will identify how to get reduced price cruises for your cruise vacation getaway.

First of all, we need to clarify the term "reduced price cruises". Free upgrades can constitute "reduced prices" for your cruise. In some cases, this upgrade can amount to hundreds of dollars. On-board ship credits can be considered a reduction in your cruise cost as well. Periodically, the cruise lines offer special incentives to potential cruise buyers in the form of ship-board credits of $50.00, $100.00 or more! You will undoubtedly spend on board your cruise ship, so these credits can be considered a reduction in your cruise vacation cost.

The best way to take advantage of these "reduced price incentives" is to monitor a number of cruise merchants (in some cases weekly) for their current cruise deals on your chosen itinerary - that is, if you have the time. (One must keep in mind that cruises tend to sell out and waiting may cost you getting the stateroom of choice or missing the cruise altogether.) You can get special reduced price quotes by accessing our Discount Cruises home page and clicking on the merchant links there. Fill in the requested data and you will receive a quote for your chosen special cruise vacation. These quotes may already include price reductions and incentives.

Many cruise lines offer reduced price cruises for early booking. This ensures that the cruise will have a high acceptance at the "get-go". They can then raise their prices a little to an appropriate level.

If you are having a large get-together on your cruise, you can often get reduced price cruises by planning a "group rate" cruise. Sometimes this can mean that you may receive a discount in the amount of one whole cruise fare! Divide that up amongst your group and you have a wonderfully reduced price cruise!

As with every large ticket purchase, the words are "Buyer Beware". Make sure that what you are expecting is what you are paying for. This applies equally to on-line purchases and "brick and mortar" merchant purchases as well. Ask the questions:

Are there any other taxes, fees, port fees etc?
Are there any carrying charges?
Are my flight and transfers to the port included?
Am I receiving my choice of stateroom?
If you have pre-booked a shore excursion, is it included?

Once you have checked out the market for your special cruise vacation, picked your preferred stateroom and received a reduced price cruise package, book your cruise on-line. Then all that's left to do is to get excited!

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