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Holland American Alaskan Cruising for Alaskan Cuisine!

Alaska is a place to experience not merely to visit or to see. Holland American Alaskan Cruising is the best way to experience the marvels of the Alaska coast. Add Holland America cruise tours to your Alaskan itinerary, and you have the makings of a once in a lifetime Alaskan adventure.

Announced in April of 2005, Holland America will launch a new Alaskan culinary experience to its seven ships bound for Alaskan cruising. HAL's Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has developed a menu of Alaskan salmon dishes. Dubbed "Going Wild for Salmon", this feature is an extensive menu rotation of Alaskan salmon during each cruise. This Alaskan delight will also include on-board culinary events, cooking demonstrations and seminars.

Having spent time recently in Anchorage Alaska, Chef Rudi thought that the delicious Alaskan salmon should be brought on board. This will enhance the Alaskan flavor of cruising to Alaska aboard Holland America.

Chef Rudi and his staff have developed about 50 distinctive Alaskan salmon recipes. Every night, a whole range of Alaskan salmon dishes will be available. The "Going Wild for Salmon" menu choices will be available 5 nights a week on board their Alaskan cruises. Holland America now offers more Alaskan salmon dishes than any other cruise line to Alaska.

These dishes will include appetizers and entrees. Just the sound of the dishes makes your mouth water - Thin Alaskan Salmon Scallops with Fresh Herb Dressing; Hazelnut Crusted Alaskan Salmon with Sorrel Sauce; Alaskan Salmon and Lobster Chowder; Alaskan Salmon Baked in Phyllo with Shitake Mushrooms & Champagne Sauce. Are you full yet?

Holland America is always looking for ways to deepen the Alaskan experience. Alaskan cruisers can now experience Alaska with their eyes, ears and their palate. A leader in Alaskan cruising, Holland America will sail seven ships on 134 cruises to Alaska in 2005. Their premium ships offer elegant spaciousness and fewer passengers than other major cruise lines.

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