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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Nine - Isla Margarita

Welcome to part nine of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review. In this segment we will review our fourth stop, Isla Margarita.

The stop in Isla Margarita was very short. There were whirl-wind tours of the island available, but with a 'beach' right next to the cruise port, we opted to simply wander off the ship.

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As we left the Golden Princess area of the pier, there was the usual compliment of vender stalls set up. These vendors all had 'special' deals. In talking with some of the vendors we found out that our cruise ship was the lat ship to visit the island that season. The next day, there was an end of season party for the vendors and some of the other cruise port personnel.

As we strolled through the village of vendor stalls, we came to the 'beach' area. This beach was not nearly as well kept as the resort beaches of the Caribbean. That's not to say that the beach was dirty, but there was a lot of scrub brush and bushes which gave the area a more wildness look. (It reminded me of the sand dune areas of some of the beaches along the Great Lakes in Canada - particularly Lake Huron.)

You could wade for quite a distance out and be only knee deep. The water was not ad pristine as other beaches in the Caribbean, but then again you were right next to the port.

It was a pretty good spot for some photo opportunities of the ship. The port area was in a bit of an inlet which meant that from the beach you could look back at the Golden Princess with the island in the background.

Wandering back through the stalls, we wondered what the people who rely on the cruise ships will do until the next season starts.

When we were home, I discussed our trip with a neighbor who has cruised extensively as well as vacationed in the islands in time shares. Isla Margarita is one of their favorite places. Apparently, on the 'other side' of the island from where the cruise ships dock there are a few very nice beaches. He said that the food was quite in-expensive. Taxi fares as well as gas prices were quite cheap.

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