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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Eight - Grenada

Welcome to the eighth segment of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review. In this article we will review our third stop Grenada.

Golden Princess Photo.JPG

Picture of Golden Princess in Grenada at port

Upon Golden Princess' arrival in Grenada, the weather threatened rain. We thought that we would adventure about and explore the area around the port again. When leaving the ship, you must pass through a building which maintains security and houses some shops.

Once outside, the drizzle started so we thought that we would take a taxi to see some of the sites. Nine of our group piled into a brand new mini van that had enough room to maintain our comfort for duration of our tour.

It was depressing to see the remains of the devastation that Hurricane Ivan wreaked on the island in 2004. Many homes and businesses have not been restored yet. Even in the valleys on our way to the rain forests the destruction could be seen. One village visible from high above would not have been seem before the hurricane because the palm trees created a blanket of cover. Ivan broke most - if not all - of the palm tree tops off opening the view of the village.

The Grenada rain forest area was interesting for us to see. Appropriately, it rained lightly off and on. We saw monkeys sitting in the trees in the wild which for us was extremely unusual and entertaining.

Our driver took us to the waterfall where locals would jump from a cliff into the water below the waterfall. The walk from the road down to the viewing area was extremely muggy but gave the atmosphere of being in the rain forest.

We saw trees that were hundreds of years old that Ivan thankfully spared. Our driver was obviously expert at his craft - navigating the narrow winding roads up and down the mountainside through the rainforest. We stopped at the now dormant volcano which has become a placid lake.

Our last stop on our island tour of Grenada was at an old fort which had a commanding view of the waterfront (and the prison).

Another pair from our group took an island tour from the ship's excursions. We crossed paths a number of times throughout our island explorations.

This was a very interesting stop for all of us as our adult 'kids' had never witnessed anything like the destruction that Hurricane Ivan had caused. And to blend that devastation with the renewal which the rain forest depicts was something to behold in one small area.

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