Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review                                           


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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Six - St. Thomas

Welcome to the sixth segment of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review. In this article we will review the first stop in our Southern Caribbean itinerary, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

As you will remember from our earlier segments to this review, we had a family of 11 aged from 26 to 85. This often meant that we went different ways when we hit our ports-of-call.

In St. Thomas, my wife and I chose just to unwind a bit and wander the port area and to check out the view at the top of the cable-car lift located just a few minutes walk from the cruise dock.

    Golden Princess in St. Thomas.JPG

Golden Princess cruise ships photo in port at St. Thomas as seen from the cable car viewing platform on the hill.

There were quite a number of shops in this area set up in 'strip-mall' style. From knick-knacks and souvenirs to expensive jewelry, you could find just about everything. And at times, you could find it all in one shop.

We browsed through many of the shops, mostly out of interest. I find that when checking out the shops that there are often glimpses of indigenous and artisan works. Sometimes though, you do have to wade through the myriad of 'trinkets' to find something of interest.

The highlight of this stop for us was undoubtedly the view of the port and the cruise ships from the hillside at the top of the cable-car lift. We spent some time just gazing down at the spectacular view. There were a few shops at the top as well as a bar at which you could refresh your-self and relax while enjoying the vista. We got a number of great pictures of the Golden Princess from this vantage point.

Surprisingly, our kids met up with us at the cable-cars. They traveled up with us and were equally enchanted by the view.

Both sets of parents took island tours - one set with a St. Thomas shore excursion purchased from the ship, and the other set took a taxi from the port, once off the ship. They both saw similar sites including the even more magnificent view from the 'top of the island'. Both enjoyed their tours of St. Thomas.

Having only been on the Golden Princess for a few waking hours, we made our way back to the ship early to do more exploring on board.

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