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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Five - Amenities

Welcome to page five of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review. In this article we will review some of the amenities.

For those who have read our previous articles about the planning of our cruise vacation, you will remember that we traveled with our family of eleven having ages from 26 to 85. We chose the Southern Caribbean cruise because of the itinerary, and we chose the Princess Cruise Line ship the Golden Princess because of their "any time dining" option, the activities and amenities.

We have broken up our over-all review into a few different segments so that we can better address the various components of our cruise. For the purposes of this review, we will compare it to our last two cruise vacations within the last three years which makes the comparison more pertinent.

In the previous pages, we have reviewed the staterooms, dining options and activities. The Golden Princess has some fantastic public areas and fabulous amenities.

As we discussed in an earlier page, there are nine different dining options from traditional fixed seating dining rooms to personal choice dining rooms to optional dining rooms, the buffet, grill and pizzeria. As well, Golden Princess offers cruise passengers other options for culinary enjoyment. The Wine and Caviar Bar, Lobby Bar and Patisserie, and Sundaes Ice Cream Bar are examples. As well, you can of course order room service and enjoy an intimate dinner on your balcony or in your stateroom.

On our cruise, as you may remember, we had a birthday. In the late afternoon, we had room service supply their fare to our deck for a family gathering of eleven. We ordered two veggie trays with dip, nachos and dip, crackers and cheese, chips, nuts, two bottles of wine and a six pack of beer. Everything was great. The ample room on our deck and the fresh vegetables made for a very festive occasion.

In terms of cruise ship entertainment, the Golden Princess should not disappoint. The Princess Theater provides the venue for the main acts each night with two shows nightly to accommodate the fixed dining schedule. The Vista Show Lounge is a movie theater-type set-up complete with movie screen. Other entertainment is offered here as well as movies. The Explorer's Lounge offered nightclub-style performances and this is where the ship band Liquid Blue usually performed a set or two. (The band is slated to start a tour of China where their music is apparently quite popular.)

The Atlantis Casino is one of the largest afloat and is certainly the largest that we have had the pleasure to enjoy. For an hour or two each evening we would wander through the dazzling room playing the odd slot. Our son who is engaged to be married this August actually won one of the jackpots at a slot machine which was enough to pay for his honeymoon. The manager of the casino said that he had paid-out a jackpot worth $20,000.00 this year. (I don't know why it doesn't happen to me!?)

For those looking for more music and nightlife, Golden Princes has much to offer. Topping the list (and the ship) is Skywalkers Nightclub, a unique lounge at the top and back of the ship. Accessible only by a 'skywalk' - an enclosed walkway high above the decks below - Skywalkers gives a magnificent viewpoint during the day as well.

Other lounges you may wish to enjoy are the Wheelhouse Bar, Player's Cigar Bar, and the Promenade Lounge and Bar. During the day, there are various bar spotted around the lounging and pool deck areas for refreshments.

The Lotus Spa, gym and fitness area is well equipped and ready to serve. There is a large gym area for aerobics classes etc. The fitness area is equipped with ample free-weights as well as a number of weight machines, treadmills and exercise bikes. The spa itself has a vast array of services ready to be provided - aroma therapy, massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, hair dressing - you name it.

Hearts and Minds Wedding Chapel is a quiet spot for contemplation - until a wedding party arrives! This is a small are tastefully decorated but from my observances, seldom used.

The main staircase, two sweeping flights which was open for three floors was something to behold. Descending the stairs gave one the feeling of elegant stardom. The white grand piano at the bottom was the finishing touch.

The on-board shops offer cruise passengers deals on designer clothing and gifts. There are usually tables set up with special offers in the common areas outside of the actual shops. And the purchases are duty free.

The internet and library areas we never even had time to visit with so much going on so I can't comment on the areas. In passing though, it appeared that internet area was quite busy.

The public washroom areas were for the most part well kept and cleaned. The deck areas and pool areas were well looked after as well. In all, the ship's public areas offered passengers ample space for entertainment, relaxation and contemplation.

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