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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Four - On-Board Activities Review

Welcome to segment four of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review.  In this article we will review some of the amenities and activities. 

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For those who have read our previous articles about the planning of our cruise vacation, you will remember that we traveled with our family of eleven having ages from 26 to 85. We chose the Southern Caribbean cruise because of the itinerary, and we chose the Princess Cruise Lines ship the Golden Princess because of their "any time dining" option, the activities and amenities.

We have broken up our over-all review into a few different segments so that we can better address the various components of our cruise. For the purposes of this review, we will compare it to our last two cruise vacations within the last three years which makes the comparison more pertinent.

On the large floating-resort-style cruise ships, there are a tremendous number of activities and amenities available for vacationers of all ages. The Golden Princess is no different. There were plenty of deck and off-deck activities to keep everyone busy.

The first item to mention regarding deck activities would be the variety of pools available on the Golden Princess. The two main pools for family use are located on the lido deck in the middle. Both of these pools - Calypso Reef and Neptune's Reef - have two hot tubs located next to them and a very shallow section. These pools are where some of the daily activities take place.

At the front of the ship in the spa and exercise area is a lap pool with two spas. At the back of the ship is another pool with two spas overlooking it from two decks up. These two areas are for adults. There is a kids-only zone with a splash pool in one section.

On the Sports Deck at the front of Golden Princess, one finds the jogging track with comfortable walking or jogging surface. Inside the track is a tennis court under cover as well as the Kids' Zone. At the rear of the ship there are shuffle board courts on each side.

Moving down to the Sun Deck we find the gymnasium/exercise room and aerobics gym. There are a large number of free weights and machines to tone your body or just to help wear off some of the wonderful calories you just can't pass up. Here too we find the access to the 'Princess Links' a nine hole mini-golf course. On our Southern Caribbean cruise itinerary it was just too warm for us to play during the day and the evenings were just too busy! Inside at the back of the ship on the sun deck we find the golf simulator and the video arcade. Our group did make use of these facilities as you could 'golf' in the air-conditioning.

Below the sun deck is the Lido Deck where we find the two family pool areas as well as the buffet dining, the grill and the pizzeria.

A few levels down we find the Promenade Deck. This walking surface goes around the ship. To complete a lap though one must go up one level to the Emerald Deck at the front of the ship.

This ship has a large number of deck chairs and lounges available on the various decks to simply relax and enjoy the sun. On our cruise, the shaded areas were among the most sought after.

There are a number of inside activities available as well. Nightly, you can dance in one of the many bars or lounges. Each night in the Princess Theater, on-stage entertainment is provided. There are movies, lectures, art exhibitions and classes.

By way of comparison, the Golden Princess would sit between the Carnival Legend and the Holland America Oosterdam. The Legend was and active ship with activities geared to a younger crowd while the Oosterdam had a more sophisticated atmosphere with appeal to more mature passengers. Golden Princess had less of a party atmosphere than did the Legend and did not seem to have the more sedate nature of the Oosterdam making her the ideal choice for our broad range of ages - something for everyone and overbearing to none.

With all of the activities listed above, when can you find time to experience the shore excursions? It's no wonder that we come home from our cruise vacations exhausted - but strangely enough, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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