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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Two - Our Staterooms

Welcome to page two of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review - our stateroom (or cabin). For those who have not read our previous articles about the planning of our family cruise vacation, check out our Caribbean Cruises Articles map.

We are breaking this review up into a few different segments so that we can better address the various components of our cruise. For the purposes of this review, we will compare it to our last two cruise vacations within the last three years which makes the comparison more pertinent.

It never ceases to amaze me how a relatively small space can become such an efficient living space. Cruise lines have had many years to perfect the process of stateroom design, but it is still no small feat. Now keep in mind that you will not likely spend a lot of time in your stateroom on the average seven to twelve day cruise.

On the Golden Princess, we again stayed in a veranda stateroom with a private deck. We were on the Caribe deck which is the third deck above the Promenade deck and third below the Lido deck. Our stateroom seemed somewhat smaller than our rooms on the Holland America Oosterdam and the Carnival Legend. The private deck area however did appear to be larger. (We tend to spend many more waking hours on our private deck or veranda than in the stateroom itself.) In fact, the deck area was large enough for us to have a birthday celebration with cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, nachos and salsa, chips etc. with all eleven of us seated! It was a little tight, but still pretty amazing.

The bathroom area on the Golden was similar to the Legend. It was tight but efficient. A stand-up shower stall was in one corner beside the toilet. On the opposite wall was the sink and vanity. The washroom was immediately to the left (or right) as you entered our staterooms.

Opposite the bathroom was a closet with ample space, perhaps seven feet. A small hallway separated the two areas and gave a little space for maneuvering. At the end of the corridor was a cupboard with shelves from floor to ceiling which also housed the small safe.

Passing by the washroom hallway, you enter the main part of the stateroom. Our bed was comprised of two single beds pushed together which seems to be the 'norm' in the more standard stateroom. Beside the bed were a small desk on one side and a night table on the other side. Opposite the desk was a small cupboard which house the mini bar fridge. Above this the television was mounted - not that it got used much. You could however watch the 'ship stations' which offered everything from the current location, speed etc. to highlights of the previous day's events to some shopping tips for the next port-of-call.

Between the desk and the fridge cupboard was the patio door leading to our private veranda. At night, being in the Southern Caribbean, we were able to leave the patio door open and could hear ocean sounds as we slipped through the azure water. It really is wonderful to wake up early in the morning and go out onto your private deck and watch the 'motion of the ocean', the approaching islands or witness the docking procedures at a port-of-call.

We were well looked after by Maria, our cabin stewardess. Everything was cleaned-up and rearranged almost every time we left the cabin. These cabin-stewards(esses) always seem to be happy and pleasant and will do their best to provide the services you require.

I did notice however that in a general maintenance sort of way the Princess ship did not seem to be looked after the same as both the Carnival ship and the Holland America ship. The Oosterdam was by far the best maintained of the three ships we are comparing here. Of course, it is also the newest of the three.

In all, this ship is an excellent venue for a resort-style vacation. After all, cruise vacations are just that - resort-style vacations with the added value of visiting a variety of ports on one vacation without having to pack and unpack six times.

For more reviews on other components of our Golden Princess cruise to the Southern Caribbean including the food and dining options, staterooms (with balconies), activities, amenities and ports-of-call, check our Caribbean Cruises Article map often.

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