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Golden Princess Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 

Part Ten - Aruba

Welcome to tenth and last segment of our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise review. In this segment we will review our Aruba shore excursion.

We had been looking forward to this stop on our Golden Princess Southern Caribbean cruise. In fact, Aruba was one of the criteria for choosing this itinerary. My sister and her husband have been to Aruba a couple of times and rave about the island, the people and the beaches.

Our group split up again for different opportunities to see this island. Some went on island tours, and some went into the city of Oranjestad, while we went to check out Palm Beach near the resort my sister raves about.

Passing through the main cruise port building, we exited at the taxi stand. The fares for going out to the beach were quite reasonable - especially considering that the fare was the same no matter how many people were (safely) in the vehicle. There were four of us that went out to Palm Beach.

After a short ride, a paved public walkway went from the roadway to the beach between a couple of resort hotels. When the walkway opens on to the beach area, one gets a panoramic view of a long sweeping tropical paradise. The azure blue water in ever changes hues washes up onto the wide expanse of sandy beach.

We paid a small fee for some chairs and an umbrella for shade and settled in - well the others did. I had been on the beach for five whole minutes so the water was calling. After a very refreshing swim, I took a short stroll down the beach.

One of the water sports rental agents gave me a price list of their equipment and services. As I was heading back, I received a radio call. (We arranged to have a number of walkie-talkies for our group so that we could find each other on and off the ship.) Our son was trying to find us at the beach. He was close enough that he was able to tell me exactly where he was so that we could meet.

Why did I bring this up? Well for two reasons actually. Number one, having walkie-talkies is a great idea for families and for groups - trying to locate each other on a cruise ship is worse than trying to find child in a busy shopping center. Number two? Our son took the price list that I mentioned and was off with our son-in-law, who had come with us, for some fast paced water action.

This was by far the best beach that we had experienced on this cruise. It was close to amenities - even a MacDonald's which our future daughter-in-law was 'dying for'. The beach was well kept and very active. The water was clean and very refreshing. And 'Mother Nature' provided a near perfect day.

Once we had all baked on the beach enough, we took a taxi back into Oranjestad for some last minute shopping. Then it was back to the Golden Princess for the last leg of the cruise.

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