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Crystal Cruise Line Presents Guests with a Six Star Cruising Experience!

Where in the world can you go for a Luxury Travel Cruise Experience? Almost everywhere with Crystal Cruise Line and their diverse cruise itineraries! Crystal Cruises offer a unique brand of cruise experience aboard their three luxury cruise liners. Wholly owned by Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), the largest shipping company in the world, Crystal Cruises continually receives top honors such as "World's Best Large-Ship Cruise Line".


The Crystal Cruises Commitment

Crystal's Six Star commitment is evident from the moment you step on board one of their elegant ships. You will experience the staff's dedication to making your special cruise a perfect cruise. It is Crystal's desire that your cruise vacation be a most memorable one.
The right vintage wine, the pampering and friendly service, a turned down bed; every detail is perfected to make sure that you are experiencing the best cruise experience available. Six Star quality means more to Crystal than the mere awards they accrue. It means creating the best and then finding ways to make it even better!


The Crystal Fleet

Crystal offers luxury cruise passengers a choice of three Six Star vessels. The Crystal Symphony and Crystal Harmony are 50,000-ton cruise ships for only 940 guests, offering one of the most spacious cruise experiences per passenger. At 68,000 tons, the Crystal Serenity serves only 1080 guests, maintaining the highest space per passenger ratio. The ships offer many elegant features including the expected grand lounges, a Caesar's Palace at Sea® casino, and a Feng Shui-inspired spa.


Dining with Crystal Cruises

Dining aboard a luxury cruise should be an unforgettable experience in itself, and Crystal does not disappoint. Crystal Cruises offer their discerning guest culinary delights with creativity, innovation, ambiance and gracious service. Choices are a main ingredient in providing a wonderful dining experience. Crystal strives to provide menu items to tempt each guest. Two formal sittings are offered in the elegant main dining rooms. In addition to the main dining rooms, Crystal ships offer at least two alternative dinner specialty restaurants. As well, Crystal Cruises offers and extensive wine selection - offering over 230 different wines from wine cellars of as many as 20,000 bottles including its own proprietary brand! Their attention to detail goes well beyond the cuisine and spirits to the fine china, crystal, silverware and linens. With these options, and the extreme elegance of the Crystal Dining Room, Crystal certainly provides a memorable dining experience.


Exclusive details for a Crystal Experience

Crystal Cruises offer a number of exclusive activities and amenities that set them apart from other luxury cruise lines.

  • The exclusive WOW® - Walk on Water fitness program on their full 360 degree open air promenade deck of teak

  • European trained wait staff in the Crystal dining room and specialty restaurants which feature the cuisine of such masters as Nobu Matsuhisa, Wolfgang Puck and Piero Selvaggio

  • Wine cellar with more than 200 vintages including their exclusive self-brand

  • Caesar's Palace at Sea® casino

  • Crystal's Creative Learning Institute®, offering Berlitz language classes, Yamaha piano lessons, and on specific cruises, interesting lectures and presentations regarding business, history, wellness, wine….

  • Computer University@Sea ® with 24 hour e-mail and internet access plus instructions on the latest software

  • The Feng Shui inspired spa offering exotic massages, facial therapy and invigorating therapies.

  • Crystal Society Rewards and Recognition Program for returning guests.


Luxurious features Crystal

  • Frette bathrobes and Aveda bath products in every stateroom

  • Egyptian cotton linens and a variety of pillow options for every bed

  • Dining rooms meals served on fine china and wines served in elegant crystal

  • Most staterooms have spacious private verandas

  • Internet access, television and DVD player in each stateroom

  • Penthouse butler service with personal bar

  • Abundant space, exceptional quality, award-winning service

Book your next Luxury Cruise with Crystal cruises and see why they say the difference is Crystal Clear!

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