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Cruise Wear and Resort Wear for your fabulous Romantic Getaway Cruise!

You've booked your cruise.  You have arranged to stop the mail and the paper.  You've made preparations at the office.  Now it's time to pack your cruise clothing for your fabulous cruise vacation. What is Cruise Wear anyway? Do you have the right cruise and resort wear? What types of clothing will you need?

Relax! You probably already have most of the clothes you will need right in your closet. Of course, everyone wants that killer outfit or two of new cruise  or resort wear to strut your stuff in! This is the place to find that special swim suit, beachwear, resort wear, or that killer outfit that will knock their socks off!

Deciding what cruise clothing to pack can be rather daunting and confusing. We will try to make some sense of the issue here.

Making sense of the cruise wear terms-

On board a cruise ship, there are three main types of cruise  or resort wear - Formal, Informal, and Casual. By far, the casual category is the easiest and most fun to plan for - for men! And of course, the other end of the spectrum - formal attire is the ladies' forte'.

Casual wear

This is exactly what it implies - cruise and resort wear in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. For warm itinerary cruises this would typically include swimwear, cover-ups and sandals or deck shoes for the daytime activities aboard your cruise ship and at the beach. For excursions your resort wear may include casual shorts or slacks, tee- or polo-shirts, and comfortable walking shoes (a necessity). "Breathable" fabrics help maintain your comfort. For cool climate cruises, you will want to include cruise clothing that can be easily and comfortably layered. Light jackets (perhaps windproof) and rain gear may be advisable.

Informal wear or semi-formal wear

This applies mainly to the evenings. It can vary depending on the cruise line. Informal (or dress casual, or semi-formal) may suggest sport shirts or polo shirts and sometimes jackets for men. For ladies, it can include dresses, skirts with blouses, or pantsuits. It is best to check with the cruise line to verify the limits to this dress code of cruise clothing.

Formal wear

Formal nights are the torturous part of the cruise for most men. It can mean a tuxedo, which in many cases can be rented from the cruise line (plan for and order rentals as soon as possible), or a dark business suit or jacket. And a tie is a must for many cruise lines. (Again it's best to check your ship's cruise wear dress code.) However, for the ladies, these nights can be heaven! Dressing in their finest gowns, dresses, and pant-suits, the ladies become the stars of the evening, and can make your cruise a romantic getaway!

As you can see, cruise and resort wear conjures up all types of variations of wardrobes. As mentioned earlier, you will likely have most of what you need. Remember that your cruise is to be enjoyable, so take the cruise and resort wear that you feel most comfortable wearing.

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