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Cruise Trips & Vacation Packages - Why Should You Choose to Take One?

If you are considering holiday travels, there are some very compelling reasons to take cruise trips vacation packages. Among these are value, convenience, security, consistency, and quality control. Cruise trips offer vacationers the added peace-of-mind that is sometimes needed for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Cruise Trip Convenience

You enjoy traveling. You wish to visit a number of interesting and exciting destinations. You don't want to have to travel from airport to airport - packing, waiting, bussing to a hotel, then packing, bussing, more waiting and so on. Cruise vacations are the holiday packages for you! Once you arrive at your stateroom and unpack, that's it. You're here for the duration of your cruise vacation. You can then enjoy all of the fabulous amenities your cruise ship has to offer while steaming to your first port-of-call. And no more airport or airplane food. Enjoy exquisite dining in elegant dining rooms. When you arrive at your port-of-call, you disembark the ship to enjoy what this particular destination has to offer. When your day of discovery is done, it's back to the ship without packing, unpacking, waiting…….

Cruise Vacation Security

Some land based vacation packages are in locations where personal safety and security are at risk. Not so, on a cruise ship. Your cruise ship staff is well trained for any emergency. If you are at all concerned about leaving valuables open in your stateroom, many ships have safes right in your room. And if not, the Purser's desk can usually provide access to safe storage. You can stroll the decks of your cruise ship at all hours without feeling threatened. It indeed feels like you are living in a safe cruise ship community for your entire vacation.


Concerns for food and water

On a cruise vacation, you will not have the same concerns about your food or your water that you might have on a land based trip. Cruise ships are very strictly scrutinized when it comes to public health and safety. An international body oversees the operational safety of cruise ships. In many cases, the food is one of the most enjoyable parts of the cruise vacation experience. Elegant dining with a variety of venues to choose often makes one plan a diet when the cruise is over!


Consistency of Accommodations

The cruise industry is very competitive because of the extreme popularity of cruise vacations. Accommodations are a selling feature for many of the cruise lines. This in itself ensures that you will have comfortable rooms. Of course the level of comfort depends on the cruise line, cruise ship, and the stateroom category, but all are very presentable. Nothing can ruin a vacation quicker than entering your hotel or resort room and find it dingy or smelly. The cruise ship's staff maintains your stateroom very well often visiting a few times a day to ensure that you have everything you need and to tidy up.


Cruise Trips Value!

Now consider the tremendous value a cruise vacation package can afford you. Cruise ships are for the most part floating resort hotels, and many of them are five star quality. Depending on the cruise duration and itinerary, you will have the opportunity to experience a number of ports-of-call with their diverse cultural differences all included in the price of your cruise. Shore excursions are of course extra as they would be with land based vacations. You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with your choices of dining that are included in your vacation package on board your cruise ship. Daily activities on board are provided for your entertainment. And speaking of entertainment, land based vacations would have a struggle to compare with the evening entertainment provided on the large cruise ship stages (included in your cruise price of course). For families, many of the cruise lines offer special programs for children and teens. Great accommodations, fine dining and fabulous entertainment make cruise vacation packages a fantastic value.


Other compelling reasons to enjoy cruise vacations

Shore excursions and tours are highly monitored by the various cruise lines. They offer "preferred" excursions at a modest extra cost. These trips are safe and interesting, or the cruise lines would not endorse them. Some land based vacations put the whole onus on you the vacationer to assess the risk.

On some land based vacations, communications are sporadic at best. Most cruise ships are now on-line with internet café's or libraries with internet access. And in the case of extreme emergencies, the cruise ship has satellite phone and radio access to all resources necessary.

With cruise travel, one can discover new and favorite places while enjoying the comfort of the magnificent cruise ship travel. A port-of-call that once did not spark a flicker of interest may suddenly become a passionate favorite place - only because you were able to discover it (by chance) while enjoying your cruise vacation.

Cruise vacations have something to offer everyone. Cruises are so very popular that there are itineraries virtually everywhere the seas touch. Even river cruises are becoming more popular as vacation package choices. Each year, millions of dollars are spent by the cruise lines to increase and update their fleets to ensure that cruise passengers are well looked after. It's time for you to plan your next vacation - a cruise trip package!

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