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Cruise Sightseeing is for you if you want to have places to go, things to do and people to see!

No matter what type of sightseeing you do, cruises can provide some of the best-of-the-best! Cruise sightseeing offers cruise passengers the opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Much of the sightseeing while on cruises provides vistas that cannot be experienced any other way.

Alaskan Cruises and Sightseeing

From the oceans and seas, there are sightings that will amaze and inspire cruisers. On Alaskan cruises for example, chance sightings of caribou, humpbacked whales, bear, eagles and puffins can all be viewed in one day! And of these sights can bee seen without the cruiser even having to travel around. The cruise ships do the traveling and the cruisers do the sightseeing!

Alaskan cruises also offer an abundance of historical sightseeing and cultural encounters as well. The cruiser can experience the flavor of the Gold Rush in Juneau, or enjoy the Russian influence in Sitka. The historical frontier flavor of the Klondike will provide ample sightseeing around Skagway, the Gateway to the Klondike.

Add the spectacular sightseeing of the glaciers in the fjords and you will quickly see why Cruise Sightseeing is the only way to experience Alaska.


Sightseeing and European Cruises

If the destinations to see are Mediterranean or European, cruises are still your answer to sightseeing. Imagine visiting ancient Greek ruins or sightseeing in Rome. take a romantic getaway cruise to Florence, Venice and Naples in Italy or Monte Carlo in Monaco. Some cruises make stops at Kusadasi in Turkey for a sightseeing visit of Ephesus. Still others make ports-of-call in Northern Africa for your special sightseeing pleasure.

Leaving the Mediterranean, one can experience European sightseeing like none other while cruising. View the magnificence of Gibraltar. Take in the sights of Lisbon or Seville. Re-visit the storming of Normandy or enjoy sightseeing in Rotterdam. Cruise sightseeing allows passengers to see the sights of St Petersburg Russia, Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden, Gdansk Poland, and Copenhagen Denmark all in one cruise. Imagine! All that sightseeing without having to pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack… you get the picture!


South American Cruise Sights

If your sightseeing adventure includes South America, cruises can certainly accommodate you. Visit the ocean ports of the Atlantic and Pacific. Round Cape Horn and see the sights of Easter Island. Perhaps seeing the sights of the Amazon will inspire you to experience a cruise of sightseeing pleasure! Enjoy sightseeing in the famous cities of the South American continent that you've read of in novels or seen in the movies. Places like Rio, Santiago, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lima and more provide exciting and interesting sightseeing adventures.


Exotic cruise sightseeing

And if you wish to enjoy sightseeing in exotic places, cruises are the best answer for you! Experience a tall ships sailing adventure in Tahiti with all of the interesting sights to see. Cruises to the Galapagos will most certainly give any nature lover the sightseeing adventure of a lifetime. Perhaps the islands of the Caribbean are of interest to the exotic sightseer. Cruising the Caribbean gives passengers a chance to go sightseeing in four or five different ports-of-call in one seven day cruise! Where would you like to sightsee in the Caribbean - Aruba, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Tortola, Grand Cayman, or the Panama Canal? All are available for your sightseeing pleasure, and many can be experienced in one cruise!

And while at sea, approaching ports-of-call or leaving, you will experience sights that are once in a lifetime! No one after you will see exactly what you have seen. And no one for any other vantage point can enjoy the sightseeing that you are experiencing. Have you ever read a cruise brochure? Every day at sea is considered to be scenic cruising. What more exciting sightseeing could be done than to watch as you cruise by the jungles of Costa Rica, the glaciers of Alaska, or the fabulous beaches of Tahiti?

Oh, and one more thing! Most of this sightseeing can be experienced for the privacy of your own veranda stateroom! Sip a glass of wine on your private balcony and watch the dolphins play. Perhaps a humpback whale will grace you with a chance sighting. Watch a pristine waterfall drop to the sea from a glacier. Sightseeing while on cruises simply provides the best in sightseeing pleasure!

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