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Cruise Shore Excursions Can Vary Your Cruise Itineraries!

If you are worried that there will not be cruise shore excursions to your liking during your preferred cruise - worry no more! Shore excursions vary much more widely than do cruise itineraries. From the extremely active and exciting land adventures to the very tame and sedate shore tours, cruise excursions can offer it all.

Your cruise land excursions will be suited to your particular cruise itinerary. As vast as cruise itineraries are, the number of available shore excursions in each port far exceeds expectations. Each cruise line offers a host of "preferred" land excursions. These tours, trips and adventures are chosen for their variety, safety and value. Of course, beyond the shore excursion offered by the cruise line, one can venture out on your own to create your personal adventure excursion.

These shore excursions can include a helicopter ride to a glacier during an Alaskan cruise for a walk actually on the glacier! You can experience the culture and history of Alaska. Enjoy the magnificent wildlife and scenery in the wilds of the Alaskan coast. Step back in time to the Gold Rush era and the Klondike!

A cruise to Hawaii offers a truly different grouping of shore excursions. Beautiful beaches, historic monuments like the Arizona Memorial, and beautifully landscaped gardens offer a tremendous variety of land tours and adventures.

The Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, the Mayan Riviera and the cruises to the Caribbean Islands all offer fantastic shore excursions. Duty free shopping is available in a number of ports-of-call. Tour the rain forests of Costa Rica. Experience an excursion to a Mayan temple. Tour the forts of the swashbucklers. Or just enjoy a quiet excursion to the beach. Did I mention the absolutely beautiful beaches and the crystal clear water?

European cruises offer some of the most educational, interesting, and history steeped shore excursions available. Tour the Roman Coliseum. Enjoy an excursion to the Acropolis. Take a tour of Athens with its ambiance of Greek mythology. Visit and tour the cities of Europe that have been immortalized in history and in literature. Oh, and don't forget to test your luck during a Monte Carlo excursion if you get the chance.

The South Pacific again offers romantic getaways sightseeing expeditions and beautiful beach tours. The excursions in exotic destinations like Tahiti and Bora Bora will simply elate you.

Not all shore excursions and cruise tours are alike. In fact, many shore excursions are not on shore at all! There are numerous water adventures and tours available in most cruise ports-of-call. You can enjoy snorkeling and diving during the exotic warm water cruises. Perhaps your excursion would be kayaking in the fjords of Alaska while being awe-struck by the magnificence of the glaciers. Dinner cruise excursions are offered at many cruise ports. Sail and snorkel excursions seem to be very popular with their blend of sightseeing boat tour and adventure snorkeling excursion with the turtles or over the coral reefs.
With so much to see and so much to do, you will find that choosing shore excursions will be your biggest dilemma. Will my cruise excursion take in the beaches or will I snorkel? Will my land tour include a heli-hike to the glaciers or kayaking the fjords? For your cruise excursions you will likely find that you simply have so little time!

Take your time to research you ports-of-call with your particular cruise line. It will help considerably when it comes time to book your cruise excursions to know what is available. Some of the shore trips book up and sell out fast.

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