Cruise Ship Building - Fincantieri "Architecture of the Sea"!                                                     


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Cruise Ship Building - Fincantieri "Architecture of the Sea"!

With a world market share for cruise ship building currently at about 60%, Italian builder Fincantieri has asserted its experience and expertise. Their long history and tradition of about 200 years has been marked by the construction of over 7,000 ships. Fincantieri designs, builds and markets cruise ships, ferries, surfaces warships, auxiliary ships and submarines making them one of the most diversified shipbuilding groups in the world.

Fincantieri has kept on the cutting edge of technology as is witnessed by some of their productions. In 1933, their ship "Rex" won a blue ribbon for her crossing of the Atlantic. In 1992, another blue ribbon was won by "Destriero" by crossing the Atlantic with an average speed of an incredible 53 knots. The builder has fabricated one of the largest semi-submersible platforms ever built with cranes capable of lifting 14,000 tons. Their cruise ship the "Grand Princess" was the largest passenger ship in the world when she was launched.

With eight shipyards in Italy, Fincantieri has the largest ship design department in Europe at their Trieste location.

In 2004, Fincantieri signed a major deal with Carnival Corporation and plc ( owner of 12 separate cruise brands ). This large "feather in their cap" deal was for a five ship contract worth about 2.6 billion dollars. Included in this contract is a 110,000 gt "Conquest class" cruise ship for Carnival and a 116,000 gt "Caribbean Princess" class ship for Princess Cruises slated for delivery in 2007. Two more similar ships for Carnival's European brands are expected for delivery in 2008. As well, the contract includes the redesign of the Cunard ship "Queen Victoria" with its length being increased by 11 metres and its tonnage being increased to 90,000. She is expected to be delivered in 2007 having many of the characteristics of her big sisters, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2. This agreement also lays the groundwork for development of new programs including one to develop a 180,000 gt prototype for Carnival Cruise Lines, which would be the largest passenger ship ever built in the world!

This agreement is unlike any other in the industry. Thus far, Fincantieri has delivered 29 cruise ships to different brands of the Carnival group. The new agreement has Fincatieri's order book at 12 newbuildings. This will ensure continuous work in the company's shipyards through 2008.

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