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Are Cruise Holidays Good Vacation Value?

Is cruising affordable?

Many would-be cruise vacationers ask these and similar questions. The answer is a resounding yes!

Cruise holidays allow passengers to see many interesting and exotic ports all in one vacation. A land based holiday would require hours of uncomfortable travel, agonizing waiting times, packing, unpacking, packing - you get the picture - to see the same number of sites.

On vacation cruises, your time between ports is enjoyed in comfort and luxury in your stateroom, elegant dining rooms, expansive sun decks, and entertaining lounges and theatres aboard majestic cruise ships. Activities abound day and night, so if you doing nothing, it's because that is exactly what you want to do. Meanwhile, your land based holiday would require more time packing and traveling and less time relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

Even if your land based holiday is planned at only one resort, the balance still leans to a cruise holiday. Consider what is included in your cruise vacation ticket:

  • Fabulous transportation from port to port

  • Well planned staterooms - some of which have private balconies

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner (enjoy exquisite cuisine in elegant dining rooms or a romantic escape in an intimate dinging room if desired)

  • Midnight Buffet

  • Daily activities

  • Sports activities

  • Entertainment

  • Nightclub and Broadway style shows

  • Discos

  • Parties

  • Fantastic ports-of-call

Your only extra expenses would be drinks, purchases, optional shore excursions and personal services like massages and hairstyling.

To get all of this in a land vacation, you must compare it to a 5 or 6-star all-inclusive resort.

A cruise holiday is like vacationing in a six-star floating resort. The number of amenities is amazing. The larger cruise ships have exercise rooms, pools, hot tubs, a spa, a shopping area, walking and jogging tracks, bars, lounges, a casino, a sports deck and of course, lots of lounges and sundeck space. Some even have rock-climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and one new ship even has a surf pool.

Most of the large cruise lines cater to family vacations as well. They offer special programs for children and teens and even have special designated areas for your kids to enjoy.

Now, with all that included, are cruise holidays still affordable? You can plan a three or four day cruise vacation for as little as about $300.00 per person. Some rooms alone in the vacation "hot spots" are more than that a night!

There are cruise vacations suited to almost everyone. From day cruises to world cruises, you can spend as little or as much time cruising as you can afford and desire. Cruises are available in virtually every corner of the world. Ocean cruises, river cruises, day cruises, dinner cruises, tall ships cruises… the possibilities are endless!

Take some time to compare a fabulous cruise holiday to a land based vacation and you will see just how great a value cruise vacations can be. You can start by checking the terrific Discount Cruises available from the merchants listed on our main pages. There you will likely find the best value cruise vacation for your next holiday. Pricing, comparing and booking your cruise holiday on-line can be effortless and even enjoyable.

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