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Cruise Demographics - Who is taking cruises?

Statistics such as this topic - cruise demographics - can vary considerably depending on the source. This very broad topic has different results depending on cruise line, cruise ship, cruise itinerary, time of year... and a host of other specific parameters.

I will attempt to identify just a few of the many results available for cruise demographics. Keep in mind that each cruise line will have their take on information available as do the on-line cruise merchants whose links can be found on our discount cruises main pages.

Cruisers by Age Demographic

Approximately 50% of the prospects for cruises come from the 25-39 age group followed by the 40-59 group at about 39% and the 60 plus age group at 11%. Actual guests taking cruises tell a somewhat different story. The 25-39 age group are taking about 29% of the cruises. The 40-59 group take about 36% of the cruises while the 60 plus group take approximately 35% of cruises.


Demographic by Gross Household Income

For these results, we are talking about thousands of U.S. dollars. About 36% of prospective cruisers are in the 20-39 thousand dollar bracket. Prospective cruisers in the 40-59K bracket account for about 40%. The 60-99K group accounts for about 20% while the 100K plus group accounts for about 4% of prospective cruisers.

The actual cruise purchasers tell this story. 31% of cruisers are in the 20-39K income group. About 30% are in the 40-59K income bracket. 28% are in the 60-99K bracket while about 11% of cruise purchasers earn 100+K.

Demographics by duration of cruise

Over one-half of the cruises purchased are in the 6-8 day range. Just over one-third are in the 2-5 day cruise range. Less than 10% are in the 9-17 day range of cruises and only about 1% are in excess of 17 day cruises.

This information is a "composite" of information. Depending on who you talk to, the information can give you different perspectives because they are very general in nature.

As for more generalizations, you will find many more families cruising during school vacations. Alaskan cruises are generally summer cruises which means that the possibilities of family travel are greater than say an October Panama Canal cruise. Longer duration cruises, say 10 days or more would also have fewer families cruising.

On the other hand, a cruise line like Disney Cruises would have more family cruisers than say Crystal Cruises would. Carnival Cruise Lines would have more younger party-goer types than would say Cunard Cruise Lines or even Holland America. Caribbean cruises would have more party types than would a Panama Canal cruise. Again, these are of course more generalizations.

In order to best plan your cruise vacation, you need to be armed with information - even if that information is riddled with generalizations. If you don't do your "homework", you may not enjoy your cruise vacation to the fullest.

If for example you are a twenty something or early thirty something couple looking for a "let your hair down and have some fun" cruise, you wouldn't necessarily want to be on a more formal type of cruise or cruise line. Conversely, if you are looking for a formal intimate cruise vacation, you may not wish to be on one of the mega cruise ships that cater to the "young and the restless" crowd. Perhaps what you are looking for is something in between.  A formal intimate romantic getaway vacation would not necessarily be the same cruise vacation as a relaxed or fun romantic getaway vacation.

All of these scenarios are available for cruisers. You must first choose the type of cruise vacation that appeals to you. Then research that particular type of cruise for the cruise line, cruise ship and itinerary that appeals. In that way, you can maximize your cruise vacation pleasure and ensure that negative surprises are minimized.

For more information on planning your cruise vacations check out some of our other interesting articles. Take a look at our main discount cruises pages and search for your special cruise vacation by clicking the merchant links there. You sure to find the right discount cruise for your cruise holiday. Then book your cruise on-line and get excited!

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