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Taking the confusion out of cruise clothing and cruise wear!

To enjoy your cruise vacation, a well planned assortment of cruise clothing is essential. That doesn't mean that you need to go out and buy a complete wardrobe of cruise wear. You will very likely have all of the clothing you will need right in your closet. I'm sure however that many of you would love to go out and get a "killer" outfit or two for your cruise.

Cruise and resort clothing can be very subjective. To determine what type of cruise clothing you should pack, you first need to determine what type of cruise you are going on. The clothing required for an Alaskan cruise for example would not necessarily suit as Caribbean cruise wear.

Just as opposite, barefoot cruise wear would not necessarily suit the clothing needs of a cruise on the Seabourne Cruise Line or the Crystal Line. You might choose relaxed, casual, "comfy" action clothing for the former cruise and more "dress casual" clothing for the latter cruises.

There are three main categories of clothing on cruise ships - casual, dress casual (semi-formal), and formal.

Casual clothing on a cruise would include swim and sun wear, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops and the like (for a warm climate cruise). This type of clothing is acceptable on most cruise ships during the day while on the decks, and at port. Some cruise ships request that this clothing not be worn in the interior of the ship - except of course to get to and from your cruise stateroom. On Barefoot Cruises, this clothing is the attire of choice for most of the cruise.

In the evenings, many cruise ships request that the clothing be of a dress casual nature. Jeans, tank-tops, and T-shirts should be stored for your next day's cruise activities. The cruise clothing of choice for this time could be slacks and sport shirts with or without jackets for men, and similar clothing or a dress for women.

Many cruises of seven days or longer have Formal Nights when the clothing of choice can be really "up-scale". These nights can add an extra flair to your Romantic Getaway!.  Dark suits and ties, or tuxedoes for men would be complimented by silky outfits or sequined gowns for the ladies. This clothing can be rented from the cruise ships, but well in advance of sailing. On formal nights, there are usually restaurants available that would allow dress casual clothing, but not normally in the main dining room.

To be sure of the exact clothing requirements or codes for your particular cruise ship, it is best to check in advance. Having clothing that compliments the occasion will make your cruise much more enjoyable. Whatever cruise clothing you choose to take, remember that this is to be a pleasurable experience. Take the clothing that makes you feel great and your cruise will be a memorable one!

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