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How much cruise activity can you handle?

Wondering what there is to do while on a cruise? Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a vacation packed with cruise activity.

From the time that you embark on your fabulous cruise vacation, the variety of cruise activities available is nothing short of phenomenal! Starting with a welcome aboard which on some ships includes a buffet of hors d'oeuvres and wine, your vacation will be filled with exceptional activities.

Before your cruise ship departs from port, a mandatory life-boat drill is mustered. Once completed, your cruise ship readies for sailing. The activities director usually has an introductory "party" explaining the roles of the various cruise personnel. Say farewell to your "home" port as you venture out onto the high seas!

Life on board a cruise ship can be as active or as relaxed as you please. The cruise ship's staff has a myriad of activities planned for almost every waking hour on board ship. There are art auctions, craft sessions, wine tastings, and presentations for the ports-of-call.

For the active sports enthusiasts, cruising aboard the magnificent cruise ships offer so much to do that you may have to train for weeks in advance to prepare for all of the cruise activities! You can start your day's activities in the fitness center. Most cruise ships have many state of the art exercise equipment to excite the most active trainer. The fitness center staff runs various activities throughout the day. Pilates, aerobics, kick boxing exercise, spinning - you may find that some or all of these activities are provided by the very active fitness staff.

Most cruise ships also offer sports related activities - some strenuous and some just for fun. Basketball is one activity that cruisers can enjoy by themselves, on-on-one, or in teams. Volleyball and tennis activities are offered on many ships. Table tennis, shuffleboard and golf simulators are activities that everyone can enjoy no matter what level of activity you are accustomed to.

Some of the larger ships have special physical activities. Does rock climbing sound like an interesting activity? How would you like to partake in an activity like ice skating while cruising the Caribbean? Perhaps in-line skating is an activity more to your liking. All of these cruise activities are available depending on the specific cruise ship.

Swimming pools and hot tubs are activities that most cruisers enjoy. For a more relaxed cruise vacation activity, pamper yourself at the on-board spa! And speaking of pampering yourself, the fantastic elegant dining aboard cruise ships is an activity in itself that may require more activity afterwards!

If all of this is not yet enough activity, add in the shore activities while in your fabulous ports-of-call. Whether your ideal shore activity is wreck diving, parasailing, kayaking, historical tours, exotic garden excursions or pub-crawling, activities on shore are sure to please.

Back on board your cruise ship, you will have an amazing amount of activities available after the sun sets. Venture to the theatre where your activities director will introduce a Vegas-style show or other entertainment. Later, get active in one of the discos and dance the night away. Perhaps a quite lounge is the activity of choice to wind down from your very active day.

Be sure to get a good night's sleep because tomorrow is full of more cruise activities to enjoy!

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