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Costa Cruises - "Cruising Italian Style"!

Costa Cruises offers the vacation traveler a unique brand of "Cruising Italian Style"! With a combination of European elegance and Italy's fun and spirit, the cruise line has become one of Europe's leading cruise companies with the most modern fleet of cruise ships in Europe.

Costa Crociere S.p.A. is an Italian company with 24 offices around the world. With its current head office in Genoa, the company - like many of the cruise lines - migrated toward cruises. In the mid 1800's, Costa began as a fleet of freighters transporting products such as olive oil and fabrics. Then in the 1940's, the company entered the passenger ship business with a couple of second hand ships. Finally, in the 1970's, her vessels were converted into cruise ships.

Costa Cruises fleet is growing quickly. With the purchase of the cruise line by the Carnival Corporation, company growth has been accelerated. The Costa Tropicale was originally a member of the Carnival Cruise line fleet. The Costa Europa was formerly the Holland America ( another Carnival brand ) Westerdam cruise ship. There is a new ship slated for delivery in late 2004, and one in the works slated for the summer of 2006.

Costa Cruises offer their guests a wonderful European atmosphere - just right for your Romantic Getaway! In the anticipated Italian tradition, you would experience sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine. Authentic wines and warm, rich decors greet the cruisers. On some cruises, Italian language lessons are even available!

With itineraries in the Mediterranean, Western Europe, the Baltics, the Caribbean, and South America, Costa cruises offers magnificent cruise ships to many of the most desirable cruise destinations for both European and North American travelers. Spanish is widely spoken in the Costa Cruises fleet making it quite popular with Spanish speaking guests.

All of the usual and expected amenities can be found aboard Costa Cruises cruise ships. And of course, what makes Costa special is "Cruising Italian Style". For a unique cruise ship experience, Costa Cruises may be your choice!

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