Cheap vacations are simply great cruises in disguise!                                                                                


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Cheap Vacations are simply great cruises in disguise!

What makes for cheap vacations? Is it the "upfront costs" of your trip? Or is it the final cost at the end of your trip including all of your meals and activities? A cheap vacation should give you all the activities and enjoyment you deserve and still maintain a reasonable budget. Cruises are a wonderful way to get great value by offering an all-inclusive style of pricing, and when coupled with some of the great cruise deals available, you end up with fantastic value for your dollar - a cheap vacation!

Being on a cruise is like being on a floating resort. You have a lovely stateroom, most of which have ocean views and some with private verandas. There are a number of dining areas and usually an elegant formal dining room where you will be absolutely pampered.

Whether your break includes the Caribbean, or Polynesia, Alaska or Australia, cruises can accommodate you. There are two day cruises to around the world cruises that can take months. You however are looking for that elusive "cheap vacation". Don't fret! When value is taken into consideration, and you find one of the great cruise deals available, you'll find that it is not so elusive!

Many of the large cruise ships have a "shopping mall" right on board! There are stage shows and movies shown throughout most cruises. Many even have a casino for your entertainment pleasure.

Outdoor activities abound on cruise ships. From swimming pools and hot tubs to running tracks. Some ships have mini-golf or basketball and volleyball. Rock climbing anyone? And other ships even have skating rinks! How many included activities would it take to make your trip a cheap vacation?

There are intimate lounges for your romantic getaway, sports bars and piano bars for great entertainment. If you prefer there are nightclubs and live entertainment for your dancing pleasure. Perhaps a disco is more to your liking?  All are available on the fantastic large "floating resorts".

On top of all of this, you have the opportunity to visit the many ports-of-call. Experience the vast cultural differences that these ports afford. Browse the shops and visit the beaches. Enjoy the magnificent scenery. All can be available to you at no extra charge! Value added or what?

Cheap vacations are not always the ones that look the best up-front with low pricing. If you don't enjoy the holiday, then there is nothing cheap about it. And, a great cruise deal doesn't mean that things are done "cheaply". The fact is that there is little to find on a cruise ship that's "cheap". A cheap vacation is a vacation that has tremendous value and a discount cruise or a last-minute cruise deal offers tremendous value.

Browse through some of the other informative cruise pages. You may even find a discount cruise or two to your liking. Then book your trip on-line and get excited!.

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