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Carnival Breeze - A Romantic Getaway Journey

Well, this is it. We have put this off for a long enough time. It’s time to take action!

We have combined two of our cruise “bucket list” items in one new booking. We are finally going to take a Mediterranean Cruise. And not just any cruise… A cruise aboard a brand new ship!

That’s right. We have booked a Mediterranean Cruise aboard the yet unfinished Carnival Breeze. We will depart from Barcelona on her second cruise.

We have talked of going to the Mediterranean on a number of occasions. A cruise on board the Carnival Magic was almost booked a year or so ago.

The cost of these cruises from North America including flights is almost double the cost of a Caribbean Cruise – our current favorite cruise destination in the cold, snowy, blowy winter months of the northern hemisphere. So we opted for the winter warmth vacation that year.

This year is different. We are keeping ourselves warm with the thoughts of all of those romantic destinations that our Mediterranean cruise will take us to.

And what a time of year to be booking a Romantic Getaway Cruise. We’ve managed to survive the holiday season with modest damage to the wallet. And in the wake of the holiday season comes Valentine’s Day – no better time to be considering a romantic escape.

The Carnival Breeze launches for the first time in June. She is over 1000 feet long and has a capacity of 3,690 passengers with a crew of 1,386. This magnificent cruise ship has included all of the best features of her sister ships the Carnival Dream and the Carnival Magic.

From her winter home port in Barcelona Spain she will sail through the Mediterranean from June until November. Then she will cross the Atlantic heading for her winter port of Miami Florida in the U.S. From Miami she will cruise the Caribbean on various itineraries.

Our 12 day Mediterranean Cruise begins with an overnight stay in Barcelona where we will try to visit a few of the tourist hot-spots. The next morning we will board the Carnival Breeze.

Our itinerary starts out with a stop in romantic Marseilles France just on the western edge of the French Riviera. (Need I say more?) Architectural and natural beauty mixed with quaint café’s and attractive hotels – there will be no lack of sites to see here!

Next stop is Livorno, Italy the cruise gateway to Florence and Pisa. I’m not sure yet which way we’ll head. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is always a big draw. Florence has its Renaissance treasures with the likes of da Vinci’s artworks and Michelangelo’s David. Maybe we’ll have to stretch things out as long as we can here to visit both cities.

Following Livorno is our stop at Civitavecchia, Italy. The cruise ships dock here for access to Rome. What can I say about Rome - the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain and of course the Colosseum. Oh I almost forgot… we must go back to the Trevi Fountain and toss in a coin for the promise of a return to the Eternal City.

The busy day in Rome is followed by our next port-of-call Salerno, Italy. From this cruise port we can easily get to Naples the third most populated city in Italy. The Bay of Naples is one of Italy’s most beautiful bays and Naples sits on its northern edge. One of our stops here will have to be include Pompeii.

After five very busy days of site seeing it will be time to relax on board the cruise ship during the first of our sea days. We expect that the evening will bring our first formal dinner - an event that even the men look forward to.

Our next port of call is Dubrovnik, Croatia. Everyone that we have talked to that has been to Dubrovnik raves of the beauty of the city. Bordered by ancient walls the port was actually a rival to Venice, Italy during the Middle Ages. There are beautiful beaches nearby – maybe a part “beach-bum” day?

Venice is our next stop and the one that we are most looking forward to – at least at this point. (No telling what our favorite might be at the end of our Mediterranean cruise.) Venice is a city and seaport that is actually built on over one hundred islands. Watching and listening to the gondoliers on the Grand Canal must be an amazing site. And what about St. Marks’ Square? I have no doubt that our time here will be much too short.

Another fun day at sea follows our visit to Venice. It’s incredible to think that we have been on our incredible cruise for nine days and are only spending our second day on board the beautiful cruise ship!

The following morning will find us in historical Messina, (Sicily) Italy. Hopefully Mount Etna will behave herself and not blow her top while we’re visiting! The colorful history of Messina includes an invasion by the Arabs in the 9th century A.D. The town’s cathedral bell tower features an animated re-telling of the town’s history at noon. That’s where we hope to be at that time of day.

Time to catch our breath and relax a bit on our third sea day. We’ll want to take every advantage we can of the amenities on board our cruise ship. This Mediterranean cruise has a very busy itinerary. We are more accustomed to two or three sea days on a seven day Caribbean cruise. And when we get the chance we spend at least part of our shore time at the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Our last stop on this cruise is Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The island of Mallorca is the largest island off the coast of Spain. The capitol city, Palma is well noted for its beautiful beaches. So beautiful in fact that they are a favored vacation spot for the Spanish royalty. There are castles and cathedrals and a varied landscape but my guess is that we will be spending a good deal of our time here at the beach.

Early the next morning we will be docked once again in Barcelona and will have to depart the magnificent cruise ship. It’s always a bit of a mixed emotion time – sad to be leaving but looking forward to seeing our children and grand-children. But the sadness can be subdued somewhat by the thought of our coin-tossing into the Trevi Fountain and the promise of returning on perhaps another Mediterranean Cruise?

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