The Best Caribbean Weather for Cruising!                                                                              


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The Best Caribbean Weather for Cruising!

When is the best Caribbean weather for cruising? Most of the year, the weather stays in the range of 75 to 85 degrees. Like most places, Caribbean weather can have its ups and downs from time to time.

Of course the main "down time" is the hurricane season. This runs from July 01 to December 01. The most active hurricane time is during August and September. However, even during this time, the Caribbean weather temperature remains largely unchanged. For cruising, this time affords the vacationer an added bonus. Most cruise lines have reduced rates during this period. And don't worry about the hurricanes themselves because cruise ships tend to avoid rather than confront them. In a pinch, cruise ships can even outrun hurricanes. They will however modify their itineraries to steer clear of tropical storms and seek out calmer waters for sailing. The summer months are also the most humid for cruising the Caribbean.

There are moderate differences in temperatures from the northern Caribbean islands to the southern islands. The southern islands have a less tendency to see major hurricanes and tropical storms because of their latitude. The ever-present trade winds help to moderate the Caribbean weather.

The peak time for cruise traffic are the weeks that include Christmas and New Years with these cruises often selling out months in advance. Following these weeks are the months of January to April for high traffic. Most cruise lines position more ships in the Caribbean during the peek times. While the weather in Europe and North America can be cold and blustery during this time, The Caribbean weather remains largely constant, luring the winter weary northerners to the warm waters and cruise ship decks.

There are regular showers in the Caribbean. These can be quite intense but usually only last a few minutes. And aboard cruise ships, these showers will simply cool the decks a bit. Sun is a big feature of taking a Caribbean cruise and you will certainly get your share with the Caribbean weather! The average amount of sun per day ranges from about six to eight hours.

So, when is the best time to go cruising in the Caribbean weather? Anytime you choose. Hurricane season offers lower rates, a little more humidity, the possibility of a little more motion caused by heavier seas and perhaps a minor change in your itinerary. Winter and spring cruises offer more selection, higher traffic and for slightly higher rates. However, there are always discount cruises available if you are again flexible in itinerary.

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