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For the ultimate Caribbean Sailing Cruise Vacation experience book a Windstar cruise!

If you are looking for the very best Caribbean Sailing Cruise Vacation aboard an elegant cruise ship, Windstar Cruises is the cruise line for you! Many of the sailing cruises offer "rustic" or refurbished sailing ships. Not so with Windstar Cruises! They offer the elegance offered by the mega cruise ships with an ambiance and romance of sailing the seas.

Caribbean sailing cruise itineraries with Windstar!

Windstar's Caribbean itineraries rival itineraries of the main-stream cruise lines. With 10 to 15 different itineraries sailing in, from and to the Caribbean, the three Windstar sailing cruise ships offer sailing cruise passengers a tremendous variety. Sail the Caribbean from island to island and visit some of the Caribbean's most exotic cruise ports. Sail and cruise through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal and beyond. Sail the Caribbean islands to Costa Rica or the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. Or, for an unsurpassed sailing cruise vacation, experience a once-in-a-lifetime sail from the Caribbean across the Atlantic to Lisbon Portugal on a "repositioning" cruise.

Windstar's Caribbean Sailing Cruise Ships!

Windstar offers three sailing cruise ships - Wind Surf, Wind Star and Wind Spirit for your sailing cruise vacation experience.

The Wind Surf sailing cruise ship is the largest with a capacity of 308 guests. She has 31 deluxe ocean view suites and 123 deluxe all ocean view staterooms. With a staff of 190, her ratio of passenger to staff is about an amazing 1.6 to 1! This phenomenal sailing vessel has five masts with seven triangular sails with a total surface area of 26,881 square feet.

The other two sister sailing cruise ships have a much smaller capacity of 148 guests. With one "Owner's Cabin" and 74 deluxe all ocean view staterooms, these sailing ships carry a staff of 90. This is about the same ratio as the Wind Surf sailing cruise ship.

Windstar Sailing Cruise Service!

With an exceptional ratio of crew to passenger, one would expect excellent service during your fantastic sailing cruises in the Caribbean. Windstar will not disappoint! Sailing aboard Windstar, you will feel like you are on your own private sailing yacht with crew members even anticipating your every desire! Your stateroom aboard these magnificent sailing vessels will be attended to almost every time you leave. While visiting port, your chef may shop for fresh local fruits and vegetables to provide for your dining pleasure while sail vacationing. Sailing offers guests a special joy with a relaxed pace and peaceful ambiance. Your sailing cruise ship staff will enhance this magical atmosphere, looking after your every whim!

Windstar Sailing Cruise Ship Amenities!

Many sail cruise vacations often can't offer the elegant amenities that the main-stream cruise lines offer. Windstar Cruises however is an exception. Their sailing cruise ships offer most of the amenities that one would expect on any cruise. Of course the size and scale of these sailing cruise amenities is much smaller, but because of the guest capacity of the sailing vessels, you can get an even more intimate cruising experience. Wind Surf offers two pools, hot tubs, a spa, fitness center, casino, lounges and restaurants all while enjoying sail cruising! Wind Star and Wind Spirit also offer most of these amenities. All of these fabulous sailing cruise vessels offer a fantastic water sports platform with kayaks, snorkeling gear, banana boat and water skiing!

It's easy to see why sailing cruise vacations are becoming more popular. Windstar Cruises offer Caribbean sailing with luxury cruise ship amenities. With this luxury sailing cruise living, a relaxed pace, peaceful tranquility and intimate service, how could one not want to book a Windstar sailing vacation?

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